Twitter is an entirely new way to social network and market online that companies are just now exploring. Limited to 140 characters, each “tweet” is a perfect way to send a clear and concise message to online followers and fans. Many huge brand names and celebrities are using Twitter in novel ways to dramatically increase their followers and spread their name and message. Twitter is also being used to launch new brand names, forge business and social connections, and promote new services and products. Each day more and more people join Twitter and begin following or posting tweets of their own. Because of this largely unexplored and fast-growing market, Twitter is an excellent market of which you can take advantage in order to drive more targeted traffic to your website and business.

Twitter is a real time operation and so you can see immediate effects on your website traffic (whether positive or negative) and so it is important to know exactly how to take complete advantage of this new marketing strategy so that traffic does not pass your website by. The following are a few tips for marketing with Twitter.

The quality of your content will determine in many ways your success in marketing with Twitter. A strong foundation is necessary in order to build advantageous business relationships in your followers. Offering links to great content and avoiding unnecessary and extraneous tweets will help establish good rapport and credibility. The Internet is used for information finding and so “retweeting” or linking to original information or other websites is a great way to begin to establish good rapport.

Business should be one of the last things on your mind when marketing with Twitter; Twitter is about being friendly and informative to the community, not selling your product or spreading your name. If you are sending only sales messages out then people are going to get tired of following you and will remove themselves from your list thereby cutting off your ability to market to them. Sending sales messages is perfectly acceptable, just space them out in between other information messages, aiming for about 10 percent sales messages is usually a good policy. Being regular and active on your Twitter account will also boost your following.

Marketing with Twitter is simple and can help you accomplish many of your marketing goals. Remember to always be open to trying new things and new marketing strategies, doing this will ensure that you get maximum benefits from social networking.

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