A company may choose to redesign its website for any number of reasons, the most common of which is to update an outdated look. A new look, along with better user functionality, can go a long way towards enhancing a company’s image.

But a critical mistake that is often made is that while the website may appear brand new, it still houses the same old content, which often is not SEO friendly. A new look isn’t going to help your website get noticed by the search engines. That task falls upon keywords and targeted search terms integrated into the content of your website.

Before the copy is written, companies must determine who their target market is and examine the company’s objectives. Then, research must be conducted to find keywords and key phrases that are likely to be entered into search engines by that particular market. While free tools are available online that can help with this, it is usually better to enlist SEO professionals for this purpose. They have a deeper understanding of SEO marketing techniques and practices, and advanced analytical tools that can more efficiently determine what keywords are producing the best conversions, and which should be eliminated.

It is also important that old URL’s belonging to the original website be updated or deleted, so as not to confuse search engines and affect rankings negatively.

In these days of increased online competition, website design and SEO are not mutually exclusive. It is important to have SEO professionals and website designers working together, or to enlist a full-service online marketing agency to handle the complex tasks of updating a website or creating a new one.

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