Google BERT UpdateEvery online business owner knows that all too often, Google updates its formula(s) resulting in potential online business fluctuations that can be temporary or truly impactful. Sometimes, as in the case of BERT, those impacts can resonate over time, and for many online enterprises, BERT has. What’s BERT? It is Google’s open-source, network-based strategy that processes natural language, i.e. search terms. BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representation from Transformers. More simply put, BERT makes searching for information online that much easier. That said, online business owners need to know how to update their sites to facilitate the search process to achieve their online business goals.

If you’ve ever tried to search for information and the first few words or phrases you input produced results other than what you were searching for, then you’ll appreciate BERT. Again, to simplify, previously algorithms read search terms in contiguous order or word-by-word. BERT processes words in relation to all the surrounding words in the phrase. It anticipates the phrase’s full context to better understand its true meaning, then returns results based on that greater understanding.

How to Support BERT

It is a fact, while advances are made continuously, computers do not quite grasp subtle language nuances the way that people do. What this means for your business is that with web content that is better attuned to BERT, your site will likely receive even more visitors who are specifically seeking your goods and services. At the same time, with content updated to ensure these visitors quickly locate the information they’re after, your site’s bounce rate will decrease and your conversion rate will improve.

If you run an online business, you do not need to go it alone and try to make BERT work to your business’ advantage on your own. Talk to me and AWG’s team of Search Engine Marketing professionals, instead. We’ll explain how BERT will impact how prospects and new business find you. Best of all, we’ll draft a custom campaign aimed to harness this latest formula update to target and implement the best ‘BERT- friendly’ search terms to benefit your online enterprise. For your site, it means that increased conversions, sales, and revenue begins with a call to me at (800) 978-3417. Let’s get started!