Although Facebook remains one of the most blocked sites from within an office, many companies have taken the initiative and created a Facebook page in order to expand their web presence. A Facebook page also allows a company to quickly post important information, links and videos, further increasing brand recognition and alerting followers of new events.

Unfortunately, after the initial creation of the Facebook page, it often becomes neglected and absent of any new updates. Many companies fail to see the benefits of utilizing Facebook to increase a customer base as well as interact with customers. Additionally, the stigma of Facebook being an office distraction has made many companies wary of having anything to do with the social media site.

Companies who are unafraid to capitalize on the social media marketing blitz can choose from two options: employ someone to handle social media updates, of course allowing them access to such sites, or acquire the services of an outside online marketing professional.

Regardless, there are several factors to be aware of beyond the initial creation of a Facebook page. There are many options that can be utilized to customize and optimize your page to better increase search engine awareness and your followers.

Because Facebook is SEO friendly, posts and information placed on your Facebook page can appear in search engine rankings, providing of course that your profile is set to public access.

A Facebook page that ranks highly will increase online visibility as well as help you build a larger online community of followers and fans, which in turn can be directed to your corporate website.

Company information on your Facebook page should be complete. Areas such as activities and interests may not necessarily apply to your company, but if, for example, your company participates in fundraisers, you might want to include that here. These areas are also a good place to provide information about your corporation’s message and ideals, but keep it simple.

An important fundamental of maintaining a successful Facebook page is consistent activity. Don’t expect to simply post a profile and leave it at that. Updates are needed to gather interest and keep followers. Join groups that may be related to your industry. Post links to industry-related news, company press releases, and company blog postings. Additionally, Twitter postings can be set to appear automatically on your Facebook page as well.

Lastly, provide links to your other profile pages, such as Twitter, Linked:In, etc., and be sure to promote your Facebook page from those sites as well, and in newsletters or email marketing messages.

Depending upon your industry, there may be other actions you can take to better optimize and customize your Facebook page, but these beginner fundamentals should be applied to everyone’s profile.

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