Case Study

Brides of Long Island

Intro / Overview

Every bride dreams of having the perfect wedding. However, time to plan this joyous occasion from venue, to bridal gown, to catering, to flowers, to themes, hair and makeup, wedding band/DJ, invitations and more is usually in short supply for today’s career-minded women. Faced with this challenge when planning her own nuptials, the client turned her experience into a career: Brides of Long Island (BOLI) was born.

AWG Services

  • Website Design
  • SEO Setup

The Challenge

The original BOLI concept grew exponentially and soon required not only more space, but also an ideal marketing platform- a website to grow the client’s enterprise while she and her associates ran her business. Not only would the website showcase wedding industry vendors, but, much like social media, provide an outlet for new and future brides to share their experiences. Enabling users and vendors to update their content was essential, along with an easy payment processing system for BOLI’s premium membership package. The Brides of Long Island team selected Long Island’s Active Web Group to create their online presence and help take their company to the next level via


A WordPress theme site was selected to provide the elegant ambiance as well as the options this growing business required, as economically as possible. The site features select Long Island region vendors who can update their profile on the fly via a login portal that offers editing capabilities. Moreover, vendors are categorized for easy access and selection by potential clients. While discounts are available via BOLI’s social media outlet, an upgraded subscription that features expansive discounts on nearly every wedding necessity is available through the site’s easy and secure payment processing.

To foster a sense of community, the site provides several features brides especially appreciate. Setting the stage for shared experiences, a blog informs, educates, spotlights trends, addresses issues, and additionally provides helpful tips and hacks. To create interactivity, a podcast allows hosts and listeners to engage in lively discussions. A special Proposals and I Dos category allows BOLI ’Alumnae’ to act as influencers by submitting their photos and content to share their special day with prospective brides.

Perhaps best of all, the site is easily scalable meaning it will not become obsolete in the near future, instead it can grow as this bridal business grows.


In the competitive bridal business landscape, is a standout. It is an innovative site serving as a one-stop bridal resource where prospective brides can find community and inclusion while they plan the most important day of their lives. Site visitorship is up, and the website’s ease of use allows the BOLI team to concentrate on their brick and mortar activities while the site attracts new business prospects.

Since the site launched 18 months ago, metrics have increased exponentially. Here is a sampling:

  • Site users have increased by 198% (up from 12,317 to 36,644)
  • Sessions are up by 140% (from 20,801 to 50,064)
  • Page views have increased by 57% (from 64,921 to 101,980)
  • Most improved: The organic channel (due in part to SEO setup) is up by 505% 

While these metrics are impressive, they are by no means unique. Get in touch with our team to discuss your online business goals. Together draft a customized marketing plan designed to assist your business to achieve its next-level goals.