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Elco Motor Yachts


Elco offered environmentally sound boat power well before its competition. For over 125 years their clean, reliable, and efficient electric propulsion boats and boat motors have reduced pollution in waterways across the globe. Today the maritime green products field has become more crowded. To continue to lead the pack, this industry leader and long-time Active Web Group client turned to our Web Development team for ideas to grow and retain market share..

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The Challenge

As the pioneer in pollution reduction while providing optimal propulsion for recreational boaters Elco required a new website that served many functions. First, as a Green ambassador, their site must educate consumers about the value of electric boat propulsion. It must also showcase their renowned product line, including custom-crafted electric boats, offer easy access to dealers and consumers alike, and promote the proud legacy that is the Elco brand. In addition, Elco’s electric outboards speak to one consumer demographic while their custom-built and/or restored launches reach another far more niche audience. The site must accommodate both groups.


Globally boating enthusiasts are seeking environmentally-friendly power. Additionally, increasing numbers of ordinances now restrict their local waterways to electric-powered craft only. To address Elco’s many site requirements to service a broad range of boating consumers and dealers, AWG’s team created a flexible WordPress site.’s functional upgrades include: 

  • Dated site motor/accessory static order form replaced with WooCommerce eCommerce platform, complete with category, product, and checkout pages.
  • WooCommerce plugins for motor add-ons, accessories, and filtering.
  • Updated freight shipping integration
  • Simple site navigation including dealer portal
  • Created Blog to highlight News and Events

The WordPress redesign features highlight:

  • Redesigned corporate history timeline
  • Feature homepage videos
  • Multi-step motor finder
  • Case Studies
  • Testimonials/technical features by industry experts
  • Go Green Education
  • Large graphics/photos that allow consumers to quickly read/digest information


As the founder of the electric production boat, Elco has a proud heritage in the ever-growing maritime green products industry. Since the site launched there has been an uptick in the following metrics: 

  • A 96% increase in users
  • An 1,186% increase in revenue
  • The organic channel alone saw an 3,120% increase in revenue
  • Organic (SEO) is the top performing channel for both users and revenue 

Whether highly competitive or niche, every online enterprise owes its success in part to carefully planned, professionally executed, and closely maintained digital marketing campaigns. Learn more about how AWG’s team of pros can assist your business to reach and exceed your goals.

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