Case Study

Express Freight Handlers

Intro / Overview

Express Freight Handlers, Inc. has a mission: to provide the best ‘lumper’ services in their industry. Period. Lumping, or freight unloading is a key component in their clients’ supply chain. Performed efficiently, this service increases distribution system speed and is integral to sound cost management. Headquartered on Long Island, New York, the firm unloads over a million containers and trailers across the nation annually. 

AWG Services

  • Website Design
  • SEO
  • Content Development
  • Paid Search

The Challenge

Currently, Express Freight provides lumper services in 38 states. Their challenge is to focus on growing their business while maintaining their high level of service excellence. They initially approached AWG for a new website to showcase their corporate identity, but soon realized the advantages by having Active Web Group’s professionals oversee, direct, and execute their digital marketing requirements.


Driven to exceed expectations in a highly competitive industry, Express Freight Handlers, Inc. partnered with Active Web Group to produce their online enterprise: The new site features a clean design and is easy to navigate, while its content journey influences business prospects. For their new website to perform optimally, AWG additionally provided Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search campaigns which are closely monitored and structured to drive potential clients to the site. 


Express Freight’s site has realized exponential gains. Since the site launched in August 2019 to March 2021: 

  • Organic users: increased by 249%
  • Organic sessions: increased by 230%

Improved rankings in key service areas include:

  • freight unloading services Delaware – #1 (previously unranked)
  • freight unloading services Georgia – #1 (previously unranked)
  • freight unloading services Illinois – #1 (previously unranked)
  • lumper services Minnesota – #1 (previously unranked)
  • lumping company – #1 (previously unranked)


A fresh, well-designed, fully optimized, and supported website has enabled Express Freight to become more firmly entrenched, not only in the states and localities it serves but within its industry as well. Due to the new site and AWG’s digital marketing campaign initiatives, Express Freight’s gains can also be measured in increased business and greater visibility nationwide. 

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