Case Study

Social Media – Video Conferencing – B2B Sample

Working with an AV integrator presented its own set of obstacles, ranging from narrowing down their ideal audience to nailing their messaging.

Weeks ahead of InfoComm, a major conference in Las Vegas, our client wanted to run a campaign designed to reach people that would most likely attend. They knew they’d have time to network with these people at the conference, so they wanted to get on their radar to allow for the opportunity.


After researching the event in more detail, we realized there was a semi-active LinkedIn Group dedicated to the annual conference. As part of that group was an event that people were already registering for – jackpot! Even better, LinkedIn Campaign Managers’ target parameters allowed us to specifically target people going to this event.

This helped keep our targeting accurate and costs low (which is huge for running LinkedIn Ads).


We only knew a few things about this audience – they were FinTech professionals – many that worked a lot with AV (Audio Visual Integration). These were people that did a lot of video conferencing.

Since we knew they were going to this conference, our client reserved time at a Las Vegas racetrack, where people could test drive high-end race cars. So as a “welcome” to potential leads, we ran ads inviting people to register for this thrilling event prior to the conference. It would present itself as the perfect way for our client to introduce themselves and build relationships with potential prospects of their own.

We kept our copy and imagery professional, but exciting – something that would grab the users’ attention and entice clicks. Fortunately, the excitement of the event itself did some heavy lifting for us.


Our client couldn’t have been happier with the results. The saw a huge turnout at the event, which turned InfoComm into an immediate success. We were able to bring in nearly two dozen leads, a fraction of them that our client was able to close. The new business they brought in covered everything from their travel expenses to reserving the racetrack, our advertising budget and then some!

Active Web Group has run hugely profitable social media campaigns time after time.

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