Case Study

EDP Dental


Conversions refer to the act of converting website visitors into paying customers. Conversion rates are measured by the percentage of visitors who take a desired action, such as clicking on specific calls-to-action, completing newsletter sign-ups and submitting purchasing forms. To elicit higher sales conversions, businesses must establish trust and engage their customers’ interests. This translates into greater online businesses success.


EDP Dental Plan engaged with AWG to increase the amount of website traffic and eCommerce conversions on their website, i.e., too little site traffic was translating into paying dental plan members. To increase sales, more clicks on specific calls-to-action and higher enrollment form submissions were needed.

AWG’s online marketing experts performed a website analysis/SEO audit and implemented a strategy to resolve existing issues and increase the amount of new online orders.


AWG designed a unique online marketing strategy to effectively increase EDP’s conversion rates, including:

  • Dynamic Number Insertion: Implemented a special phone number to track PPC for maximization of ROI, enabling AWG to determine which ads were working and when. 495 new calls/leads were generated from this unique phone number in the first six months.
  • Abandoned Cart Revenue Recovery: AWG created a multi-step form that generated over 150 in the first quarter. Visitors that did not complete the check out process were directly forwarded to EDP’s sales department, who followed up and generated immediate revenue.
  • CTA Placement: AWG added visually appealing Calls To Action with strategic placement of key info strategically placed above the fold including purchasing and contact information.
  • Customer Connections: Social Media buttons were moved to the top of the home page. AWG included a live chat window with a friendly customer service representatives’ image and message that immediately appears when the site loads.
  • Optimized Search: A “Find a Dentist” module and interactive map was placed on the homepage with optimized search functions and category organization, making the site simpler, faster and more functional.
  • New Content: New content generates new users. AWG created a monthly blog with relevant content for consumer engagement that incorporated SEO keywords to boost site rankings.
  • Security Certificates: Prominently displayed site security logos and trust icons, such as “Accredited Business BBB” and “30-Day Guarantee” were placed on key pages.
  • Positive Testimonials: In order to increase consumer confidence, recommendations from satisfied customers were placed in high traffic areas, specifically on the home page and on the streamlined multi-step sign up form.

Results After Nine Months

AWG marketing strategies have allowed EDP to attract new customers and increase spending where Return on Investment (ROI) was highest.

Services Offered

Active Web Group has provided EDP with data management, search engine optimization, email marketing, design, and custom programming.