Case Study

Retail Merchandising Systems


A top supplier of retail merchandising systems and accessories approached Active Web Group because their email marketing initiatives were not realizing a sufficient return on investment (ROI).

Email Marketing Case Study

The Challenge:

The retail merchandiser contacted Active Web Group to review the results of their email campaigns. Despite the company’s best efforts, they were not seeing any return on their email marketing spend.

The AWG Approach:

Success is not usually, a ‘one size fits all’ proposition. The AWG team found that while the company had several types of customer demographics, they were marketing to each in much the same way.

AWG realized that the firm’s blanket email campaigns were not customized appropriately to target each different demographic. AWG’s email marketers separated the target demographics into retailers, food retailers, printers and display design companies into their own distinct segments. Once the company’s different customer bases were properly identified, AWG conducted independent research into their distinct needs. Emails were written and designed to address each segment’s individual requirements and featured products that were useful to each segment.

Additional efforts included identifying and suppressing inactive contacts. Active Web Group’s team is fully accountable for their methods and ensured that proper testing procedures as well as tracking capabilities were put in place. In addition, wherever possible, emails were personalized based on available information. New data collection procedures were also implemented and the website was optimized to increase conversions.

Benefits of Active Web Group’s Email Marketing Services on the Client’s ROI:

This holistic approach to provide customized email marketing targeting individual segments has been and continues to be very successful for this client. After more than three years of providing email marketing, results tracking, testing services, and making adjustments as required, the company continues to realize significant results. In the first year with AWG’s Email Marketing services the company’s ROI increased from zero, to 210%. In the most recent year, that percentage has climbed to more than 340%. The company has reinvested the profits gained through AWG’s efforts back into their email campaign, so that the program has achieved its own autonomy. It has become self-sufficient.

Summary: The results reported above underscore the value of a customized, trackable, and accountable email campaign to assist online businesses to achieve their individual goals. For a confidential evaluation of the effectiveness of your existing email campaign, we invite you to contact our Internet Strategists at (800) 978-3417.