When the gurus of SEO at Google speak, everyone takes notice. Then we try to figure out if the latest SEO trend will serve our clients well. We do not just ‘get on board.’ So hereabouts we are cautiously optimistic about infographics as SEO’s ‘Next Big Thing’ (that is since the last big thing).

Operating on the principal that an image is worth a thousand words, infographics incorporate link-embedded text inside colorful and highly designed posters. The poster catches the eye and ‘knowledge’ is quickly assimilated. From Google we are told this is not the best way to achieve high rankings. However business to business marketers believe this content format serves them well when trying to influence decisions and conversions. Love them or hate them, infographics have increased two-fold over last year making the medium the fastest-growing content type on the web.

Infographics as SEO Content Vehicles

If you are thinking of giving this new content delivery system a try, remember this: search engine algorithms still value relevant content. That is content serving the site user, not the site owner or manager. Check your facts, do not mislead your public or target audience. No one right now can say if infographics are here to stay or will soon have had its day.

Another fact which may influence you to try or not consider this content type is the kind of statistic you value. Primarily those companies who cited website traffic, views and leads as their most important site metrics, tend to value infographics more highly than those who prefer back linking techniques and keyword ranking.

Whatever your decision, creating professional, well-researched and well-written audience appropriate content is not a task for amateurs. Give Active Web Group a call. We value you and your business. We will get to know you, your target demographic and your goals. Then take appropriate steps to assist you to achieve your online business goals.

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