Case Study

Leading Retail Display Manufacturer/Distributor

Since the start of this Digital Marketing Campaign, Active Web Group initiatives have focused on increasing conversions for this client. The metrics below compare Jan 1 – Oct 31 2017 against Jan 1 – Oct 31 2016;

  • YoY the number of transactions increased by 25.93%
  • YoY a 43.02% increase in organic sessions led to a 30.59% increase in organic transactions

The Challenge

  • The client manufactures and distributes retail display products to stores across the United States. They had engaged another firm build a new website for them, but their online business site was not converting site visitors into customers.


  • The client needed to continue to attract qualified site traffic (visitors specifically seeking the company’s products) and once on site, convert them. AWG utilized Web Development, Conversion Rate Optimization, and Search Engine Optimization strategies to resolve the issues overlooked in the 3rd party development of their website, as well as to facilitate the sales funnel for this client.
    • Web Development: The client’s new website had not been designed to enhance the site users’ experience. As a result, it was difficult for visitors to locate products and to make buying decisions quickly. AWG’s Web Developers skillfully reformatted the site’s navigation to help visitors locate the products they were looking for using minimal keystrokes.
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): For Both SEO and CRO, another major issue was an excessive number of pages each devoted to one variation of a single product. Not only was this confusing to prospects, but the content was duplicated from the manufacturers’ catalogs so that not only was it repeated on the client’s site, but on their competitors’ sites as well. This meant that these pages would not be indexed and therefore were invisible to searchers looking for the client’s products.

      AWG revamped the site’s URL structure by condensing variations of the same product onto one page that allowed visitors to make their selections based on dropdowns that allowed them to select different finishes, etc. Next, original content resolved any duplication issues and along with the generation of a new site map, allowed these pages to be indexed by search engines in support of ranking initiatives.

    • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Through the URL consolidation initiative, AWG’ was able to decrease the number of site pages by 20%. This made the number of site pages more in line with the ratio of inbound links to overall site pages. These changes have increased the site’s Domain Authority while facilitating the sales funnel.


Due to a solution-focused approach, site metrics began to improve steadily. From the campaign onset, the following Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) increased as noted below:

  • Sessions have improved by +28.07%
  • Transactions have increased by +25.93%
  • Revenue is up by +30.95%

Current Collaboration:

For 2018, the client is contracting with AWG to build a new state-of-the-art website on an updated eCommerce platform. When complete, the site, which is being developed in-line with current SEO best practices, will enable the client to not only remain competitive but to further increase their market share as well.