Case Study

Low Cost, High Return Social Media Marketing

In 2017, over 80% of small businesses used social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram to further their brands. There are many benefits to having social media campaigns to grow your business including:

  • Exposure: It is an effective way to get the word out about your business.
  • Relationship-building: It provides you with an opportunity to grow relationships with your target audience(s). This is achieved via your online followers who are already your established business contacts, who will then recommend you to their contacts, and so on.

Social Media Marketing requires a strategy, due diligence, A/B testing, and constant tweaking to achieve and build upon a desired result. For over a decade, Active Web Group has provided many businesses of every size with the social media marketing tools needed to achieve their goals. For each we have designed customized social media marketing strategies and solutions that have cost-effectively furthered their business and increased their online revenue. Below are examples of our success stories.

B2C and B2B Client

The Challenge

The Steinway Piano Store in Charlotte, North Carolina approached AWG seeking a low-cost but high-return marketing solution to attract more business that converted.

The Execution

Active Web Group quickly realized that Instagram and Facebook were Steinway?s targeted demographic?s preferred social media outlets. Campaigns were launched, and the period noted below yielded the following results:


Over a 6-month period, here are some campaign highlights:

  • Facebook & Instagram: Drove 1,135 new users to their site
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) was $0.10
  • There were 120,000 impressions during this period.
  • During this period there were over 4.5K Link Clicks.

B2C Clients

Example #1 The Challenge

Example 1: A nutraceutical firm was bringing a proprietary new product to market. AWG had the dual task of not only assisting the client to get their name before the public, but also to educate the public as to the value of this new product.

The Execution

AWG determined that the Facebook, Google + and Twitter social media outlets would be the best choices to reach the firm?s intended demographics as quickly as possible. During the period stated above Active Web Group?s Social Media Team was able to accomplish the following increases over the period shown below:


Month Over the Month (MoM) comparisons yielded these sample campaign highlights:

  • Facebook: +999.12% Sessions
  • Facebook, Google+, Twitter: +935.06% Sessions; +921.29% New Users

Example #2 The Challenge

A local dealership selling luxury European sports vehicles contacted AWG. The dealership needed a way to encourage qualified website visitorship (those specifically interested in buying or leasing these vehicles) and to increase leads.

The Execution

After the economic downturn a decade ago, the luxury vehicle marketplace has shown signs of rallying, but is not yet back to previous figures. It became AWG?s goal to assist this client to gain as much of the existing luxury sports car buyers market as possible. Again, a multi-disciplined approach included a Facebook campaign to increase buyer awareness of this brand and the local dealership. The success of this initiative and the contributions Social Media made to the client overall campaign initiatives is shown below.


Below is a sample of Year over Year (YoY) campaign highlights:

The Cost per Like (CPL) was $0.23 and achieved:

  • 1,243 Paid Likes
  • Over 3K impressions

B2B Client

The Challenge

A leading manufacturer and distributor of retail display products, merchandising systems and POP solutions, came to AWG seeking to reach untapped market share.

The Execution

Active Web Group provided several key digital marketing services to this client to further their brand. To reach this elusive group of prospects, AWG launched a successful social media campaign on Facebook. This campaign targeted uncommitted retailers and influenced them to buy from the client.


Here are highlights of the campaign?s Year over Year (YoY) results:


  • +435.23% Sessions
  • +358.86% Users
  • +450.00% Transactions
  • +2,100.77% Revenue

Be instrumental in driving your business? own success story with a custom social media campaign devised and managed by Active Web Group. For more information or if you have questions, please contact us at (800) 978-3417.