A New Web Site is Just the Beginning

You’ve launched your new online business with the appropriate amount of style, functionality and something your Internet Marketing company told you would be important: your site is “SEO-friendly.” Say what?! These would be the features that make the all-important search engines not only visit your site, but explore every page when they land. The outcome? Higher rankings, site visitors who become customers and the holiest of holy grails: your increased ROI.

In the wake of Panda/Penguin and whatever algorithm hiccup lies ahead, let’s go over a few pointers. The groundwork laid now, may prevent tanked rankings later if ever. The biggest challenge facing new sites is competition. Online competition means you do not have to be bigger than your peers, just better at optimization to attract your ‘fair share’ of the market. If your business is an online newbie, what will attract ‘relevant’ site traffic? Content and links.

What’s Good Content?

While some SEO techniques fade, others remain the foundation to building a site that both visitors and search engines want to visit. Search engines send out ‘spiders and bots’ which scan or crawl your site. Usually higher keyword rankings result. Fresh content and links are key to making that process happen and may also ensure a positive outcome. Your new site will have content on every page (preferably over 250 words). Just be sure to make every word count.

Make your site an information destination. A site with a glossary of industry terms and a blog will give your visitors the information they need to make an informed decision. The more informational your blog is, the greater the likelihood that readers will subscribe to RSS feeds (to be alerted when you have a new posting) which will also drive quality traffic to your site. Don’t have the staff to write and maintain a blog? No worries. Go with the definitions pages mentioned above and/or a FAQs page.

Linked to Higher Rankings

The more the monier. Okay, that’s a made up word. The point is, the more quality content on your web site, the more likely others will find something they’ll want to link to. And that’s your link to higher profits. Just avoid the usual pitfalls. Remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Give it a pass. Do not buy or barter for your links. Build a site that naturally attracts your perceived customer base and both they and the search engines will come. In SEO as in life nothing contrived ‘works’ for very long. Of course, you can avoid disappointment by hiring SEO professionals to chart and manage the success of your online business for you. Active Web Group has the experience, expertise and full range of optimization support initiatives to ensure your business and budget are well-served.

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