Case Study

Wholesale Marine

The Challenge

Wholesale Marine is a successful online retailer selling quality boating products. However, their in-house Pay-Per-Click initiatives were no longer yielding prospects and orders. The client approached AWG for successful organic strategies that would broaden Wholesale Marine’s reach and assist them to swiftly regain and grow both market share and revenue.

Wholesale Marine


AWG’s team analyzed and evaluated Wholesale Marine’s website. Thousands of critical errors were discovered that were impacting the site’s web visibility and reach. These errors included:

  • PROBLEM: Thousands of webpages (including category and product pages) that were being blocked by the major search engines. This means these pages would not appear on Search Engine Results Pages [SERPs] even if searchers used the exact category/product names.) This was costing the client money in lost traffic, conversions and revenue.
  • PROBLEM: Missing metas and non-optimized pages. Metas in page titles (URLs) and on the site’s back end, as well as on-and-off page optimization techniques assist search engines to locate and index web pages, leading to higher rankings on SERPs.
  • PROBLEM: Thin and duplicate content. The site had many pages without content other than a product image and a manufacturer’s description. This did not influence conversions nor facilitate the sales funnel. Frequently, visitors left the site without buying, thereby increasing the bounce rate as well.

SOLUTION: Remediation techniques, including on-and-off page optimization, deep linking, and fresh original content of value to readers, allowed these pages to be indexed by search engines. These continuous initiatives have led to higher keyword rankings, more qualified site traffic, and increased conversions and revenue.


AWG’s remediation rollout proved successful (see charts below):


  • Organic Sessions increased by 66.54%
  • Organic Revenue grew by 190.05%Wholesale Marine Organic Revenue

Organic Sessions grew 66.54%

Wholesale Marine Organic Sessions

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