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Organic traffic is both the largest and most trusted way that consumers are finding brands online. In fact, according to Conductor’s research, organic lead generation outperforms paid traffic by 10-15%.

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At Active Web Group our goal is to give our clients the most comprehensive information available for their SEO campaigns. However, the information needed for that comprehensive analysis is found in many different areas. Several platforms say that they collect all the data needed for SEO specialists to make strategic decisions, but usually there is a piece of the puzzle missing. With Conductor, all the key components of an SEO campaign are accounted for.

Our favorite Conductor Searchlight Features

Keyword Pipeline

searchlightWhile most SEO tools tell you where your keywords rank, Conductor Searchlight provides a visual snapshot on where keywords excel and where they could improve. The Striking Distance row (yellow) is one of our favorite elements of the Keyword Pipeline because that is where there is the most opportunity for our clients.



Competitor Analysis

Conductor Searchlight provides some of the most comprehensive competitor data on the market. For our clients in Conductor, we are able to see which parts of the market competitors are in, and we are able to create aggressive strategies based on these findings. competitor-analysis

Not only can we see a competitor’s strengths, but their weaknesses as well, allow us to better allocate marketing resources and identify where we need to be more present and where we can ease up.

Business Cases

Did you ever wonder how your revenue could increase if you move up just a couple of spots on Google? Conductor’s Business Cases has the answer. By answering a few simple questions, the Business Cases section allows for marketers to see the dollar impact of the success of a keyword, allowing SEO teams to see the benefit of focus on certain keywords over others. business-cases

How Other Companies See Conductor Searchlight

Active Web Group isn’t the only company impressed with Conductor Searchlight. See what other companies have to say:

lending-tree-logo“In Searchlight, I can just drill straight down to the data. Searchlight lets me see how each page is performing, what keywords it is ranking on, what keywords it ranked on last week. It’s so much easier to be a couple clicks away instead of having to go through different tools and different platforms to get to the same information.” – Erika Sturino – SEO Director

miracle-gro-logo“With Searchlight, you’re able to easily slice and dice data. It provides comparisons of your data against search competitors, which we have found valuable.” – Larissa Livingston – Digital Marketing Manager – Search

Conductor Searchlight Trusted Brands

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