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Active Web Group Content Development Case Study


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Several AWG clients, despite being prominent in their respective industries, were not attracting new business as quickly as some of their competitors. These businesses ranged from a private jet charter enterprise, a retail display products business, alternative business financing firm, and a store fixtures manufacturer. Active Web Group had been consulted by each of these companies individually. In every instance our team found, these websites had outdated or not enough content on their webpages. In this state, each website did not attract new business, nor were any of these sites serving prospects and returning customers well.

Some of the issues included an insufficient number of webpages, pages with little or no content, or repetitive or duplicate content on product pages where there was little differentiation between these products. These issues often encourage visitors to leave the site. In addition, existing content was often outdated, making it less likely that individual pages would be indexed by search engines to attract future business prospects and to retain existing customers.

For each business, dated, weak, or insufficient content was causing these companies to unknowingly lose revenue.

The Challenge:

Taking each online business individually as a unique challenge. Active Web Group’s SEO Specialists ran a full website analysis, pinpointed website weaknesses, then drew up a customized SEO Content Development campaign. Each business’ campaign was designed to utilize proven SEO optimization initiatives to bolster the site content and to improve metrics, such as quality site visitorship, conversions, and ROI.

The Details:

The goal in bolstering site content is to increase market share. This means to present their websites to search engines to ensure that the site will be scanned and indexed. This way, when users search for goods and/or services that match our client’s offerings, our client’s site will likely appear on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

For each client, Active Web Group’s SEO team evaluated the client’s website and its Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPIs are the metrics whose fluctuations are signposts that gauge the website’s value to site visitors and to search engines. For example, metrics that are observed to trend downward for a stated period must be remediated. Generally, for websites with poor site content (i.e. pages that are not indexed when search engines scan the site), fresh, relevant content of interest to site users was drafted that highlighted the appropriate keyword(s) for specific pages. The page(s) were further optimized by creating both internal and inbound linking opportunities so that successive search engine scans would index these pages to increase their probability of ranking higher on SERPs.

Content development also includes ensuring that site content is formatted properly. For eCommerce sites, this means structuring a content hierarchy that includes product category pages as well as the specific product pages relative to their category. There are many strategies used to determine whether consolidating web pages or adding additional pages to the site will improve a website’s market share and, therefore, their ROI. For every client, Active Web Group performs constant analysis and evaluation; our results are both measurable and accountable. See below for the impact of AWG’s Content Development initiatives on these subject websites.

Benefits of Active Web Group’s Content Development on Client Websites:

Prior to working with Active Web Group, these prominent businesses were not sufficiently competitive in their respective industries. The results below highlight some of the benefits of an individualized content development program for these industry leaders:

Case Study #1: A leading alternative lender coupled new, expanded website content with a bi-monthly blog that features useful financial information for readers. The results during the first year were dramatic and included:

  • A 416% increase in new users
  • The bounce rate decreased by 8%
  • There was an 538% increase in Goal Completions
  • Over 90-days post initial optimization, 8 primary keywords, none previously ranked, ranked #1 on their respective SERPs

Case Study #2: A retail display manufacturer with an expansive catalog of similar items needed to bolster content to attract new business. The results were dramatic, with an increase in sessions (site visitors viewing a specific page/URL) for 47 optimized pages, that spanned from 100 to 2,800 unique visitors for the optimized page set.

Case Study #3: A P.O.P. merchandiser in a niche, yet competitive industry turned to AWG to optimize and improve their site content. In addition, a blog was implemented to attract new business prospects and to increase sales. Revenue generated pre and post-optimization on a sample of 11 optimized pages ranged from increases of 100% to 2,550.87%!

Case Study #4: A Long Island-based private jet charter firm serving an exclusive and highly discriminating clientele approached Active Web Group to increase its market share. In addition to a unique web design that evokes an upscale ambience, AWG has additionally provided web content development for all site pages. Additionally, topical monthly blogs underscore the value of the company’s services. Since the site launched, these pages have brought over 1,300 site visitors directly seeking a quote for a private jet charter.

Summary: The results reported above underscore the value of solid website content development to assist online businesses to achieve their individual goals. For a confidential evaluation of your site’s web content, we invite you to contact our Internet Strategists at (800) 978-3417.