Case Study

Diamond Fasteners

Diamond Fasteners

Project Overview

Diamond Fasteners is the leading provider of industrial quality fasteners in the aerospace industry and the military. Their products range from simple stainless steel screws to complex machined inserts and rings. These products are often designed directly into drawings and the potential customer has the exact part number from the manufacturer that is needed to complete a project. Diamond Fasteners was competing with an outdated quoting system. A client would fill out an email form describing the parts they wanted and then a specialist from Diamond Fasteners would research the products and try to accurately quote the order. To compete in today’s world, Diamond Fasteners had to up their game. They wanted a potential customer to be able to pick from their product line online and create a quote that looked like an order that would then just need to be priced. They knew they needed a company that had a reputation for creating winning customized projects with prior experience in quoting platforms. They engaged Active Web Group to get the job done.


The challenges of this project were a bit different than others. This particular client wanted the ability to quote and sell products on the same web site. The second challenge of this program was that the client had no product data in web format for the thousands of skus they wanted to offer online for quotes and sales. The Diamond Fasteners’ management team is highly committed to their customers and the quality of their service. They would have very little time to help the professionals at Active Web Group. This is a scenario that we are accustomed to though, and as long as we get adequate access to data, we know how to get the job done.

Diamond Fasteners


The primary goal of this project was to replace the old manual quoting system with a new system that would enable a prospect to put together a detailed quote just like an order. They could also save their quote in a “My Account” section so the prospect could develop a quote and track it. The quote would become a working document that could be turned directly into a purchase order. This document would significantly cut customer service callbacks for additional information and greatly improve the speed that a specialist from Diamond Fasteners could produce an accurate and complete quote. The platform would also allow a purchaser to place an order from a selection of items controlled by Diamond Fasteners. Finally, Active Web Group also needed to take the thousands of skus that were not in a website database and convert them into organized web-friendly data.


Active Web Group built a custom quoting platform for Diamond Fasteners that provides the ability to place an order or a quote online to a prospect. The document or order is then sent to a Diamond Fastener’s specialist for quoting or shipping. Thousands of skus have been organized and put online for quoting or purchasing using proprietary systems developed by Active Web Group. Diamond Fasteners’ management is now expanding their product line in a big way by adding new lines from some of the largest manufacturers in the world. This would have been impossible to accomplish before.


Diamond Fasteners is thrilled with their new custom quoting and E-Commerce enabled web platform. Orders are rolling in, and each month sets a new record for online sales! Customer service callbacks for more information on quotes and products have been reduced by over 75%, and quote times spent by specialists have been cut in half. The conversion rate on turning quotes into sales has also dramatically improved since the information is accurate and timely. Active Web Group is proud to provide Diamond Fasteners as a reference and we are confident they will speak highly of their experience with us.