Internet coupons have been utilized nearly as long as email marketing became commonplace, but statistics have shown a steady rise in their use, especially during the 2009 holiday season. Mailboxes have become inundated with Internet coupons sent from dozens of online retailers both large and small, or maybe even hundreds, depending upon a consumer’s online shopping habits.

There is also no denying the effectiveness of Internet coupons, as the eCommerce tally so far this year has reached $20 billion and is still rising. Consumers seeking holiday deals are in fact eager to receive what is normally relegated as spam or junk email, in order to seize upon the savings being offering by online retailers.

Some retailers that possess both online eCommerce sites and traditional brick and mortar stores are allowing the Internet coupons to be used in both locations, increasing their value and effectiveness. A new research study by Borrell Associates states that Internet coupons this year account for 20% of the value of all redeemed coupons, a slight increase from years previous. Additionally, many consumers appear to be favoring stores that offer coupons, shifting their brand loyalty by the temptation of greater savings.

Internet coupon distribution and use are expected to rise further in 2010, partly in response to the weak economy, but also because new marketing techniques are being understood and employed by online marketers and eCommerce sites, enabling Internet coupons to have a stronger appeal than ever before.

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