Case Study

Road Cases USA


A staple in the musical instrument, lightning, and electronics ATA travel case industry, Road Cases USA approached Active Web Group with the hopes of increasing their overall sales. Through building custom cases and stocking designer travel cases, Road Cases USA has an archive of high-profile clients including Queen, One Direction, Billy Joel, Nike, Verizon, Nickelodeon, etc., and they also wanted to build their mid-tier business, such as touring bands and traveling shows.

They forged a relationship with our Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click Advertising services, experiencing a faster increase in sales than anticipated. After just the first year, Road Cases USA saw a 30% increase in revenue, leading them to consider our other services. Following their recent success, Road Cases USA added Active Web Group’s Web Design, E-mail Marketing, E-Commerce, and Copywriting services, increasing their overall profit margins over the years.


Without any knowledge of any prior extensive marketing plan from Road Cases USA, Active Web Group started from scratch; they only knew that they had an excellent product. The main challenge was conveying that to the people who would want what they had.


The first deliverable Active Web Group was able to present had to do with understanding Road Cases USA’s demographic. Their audience could not be defined as one type given their extensive product line. Understanding the different kinds of musicians, studying different demographics and applying our research allowed us to better reach their customers though a combination of our services, leading to a spike in both conversions and revenue for the client.


Work Included:

For Road Cases USA, Active Web Group optimized their website design, online advertising, and marketing strategy, allowing them to reach more people and expand business to lengths previously impossible. Once we started optimizing Road Cases USA’s search results and implementing their PPC Advertising, we began adding our other services, each time their sales increased dramatically. For instance: their organic traffic rose 14% in their first year with us, earning them a dramatic 25% increase in revenue during the time.

Search Engine Optimization:

Our Search Engine Optimization at Active Web Group covers everything from creating metatags, to writing copy, all for the purposes of increasing our client’s search rankings on major search engines. We start by analyzing the client and the keywords that will fetch the best results and direct the most amount of traffic. Then, once the keywords were established, we were able to generate copy that not only matched the website’s URL, but boosted the search rankings as well. Altogether, Active Web Group increased their organic sessions by 12%.

PPC Advertising:

For Road Cases PPC Advertising, our goals were to improve their ad position, generate revenue and decrease their cost per click. The first step had to do with generating our initial batch of keywords to see what would attract the most people from a given number of places. Once the keywords were established, we were able to begin the next phase. Understanding their audience was key, so our PPC efforts had much to do with the constant tests we would do to see what would perform better or worse and why. Due to the testing, the number of orders coming into the site increased by 26% and the average ad position improved by 50%.


E-Commerce always starts with one thing here at Active Web Group strategy. Having the ability to strategically map a website in a way that makes it easy to navigate and get what you need is what we do; the next step is to ensure conversions. We were able to map Road Cases USA’s E-Commerce like a store for Road Cases. Categorized effectively, each case was placed conveniently, making it very easy to find whatever you’re looking for.

Services Offered:

Active Web Group is a Digital Marketing Agency based out of Long Island, NY, offering Responsive Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, PPC Advertising, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Development, E-Commerce Development, Digital Brand Strategy + Management, Conversion Rate Optimization, and White Label Marketing.