Case Study

eCommerce Website Design Case Studies

The best way to lead is by example. For over a decade, Active Web Group has demonstrated our keen insight toward the development of eCommerce websites that work and provide results for their respective online businesses. Website styles change yet eCommerce website design is not a one-off premise with a given style and predictable content. To be the most efficient tool any online business must have, Active Web Group’s team collaborates with our clients to produce their ecommerce websites. We ask the right questions and provide the right design to effectively facilitate our clients’ ecommerce enterprises.

The AWG team understands what can cause major ecommerce issues such as a low conversion rate and shopping cart abandonment. They will produce trackable solutions based on the individual client’s scenario, demographics, products, cart and many other factors. Our ecommerce web designs aim to facilitate your online enterprise’s performance to achieve your stated goals.

While it is true that a beautiful ecommerce website design may not necessarily yield an effective site, consumers are quick to respond to anything that is perceived as being beautifully designed. An attractive, efficient and highly functional eCommerce web design from Active Web Group’s professional web designers and developers will increase your ROI. This is because the new website will elevate the perceived value of your products and services and also inspire consumer trust.

eCommerce Web Designs That Work For Your Online Business

Statistics do not lie: more and more consumers are making purchases from mobile devices. Yet many first generation mobile sites do not serve their users well anymore. Is your mobile or responsive website attracting business or turning it away? Active Web Group’s eCommerce web design specialists can evaluate the quality of site traffic you receive from your current or responsive mobile site and make suggestions that are both timely and budget-friendly.

Our clients have high expectations for their online businesses. They expect results and seek innovative and effective designs to facilitate conversions. Here we provide a sampling of recent examples, our actionable case studies. Each solution demonstrates how highly functional ecommerce website design can increase your online business’ profitability. To open a dialogue about how Active Web Group’s eCommerce website designs can make your online business more profitable, give us a call today: (800) 978-3417.