Digital Marketing Case Studies

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Active Web Group’s clients elect a pay per click marketing campaign for a number of highly valid reasons. They may have launched a new website, a new product line and want to “get the word out” by attracting new business using as many supportive online strategies as possible. One value that PPC marketing maintains over other strategies is speed. Results may be seen quickly. However, to maintain and build upon PPC marketing success requires knowledge and due diligence. It is not a strategy for amateurs.

With online competition increasing exponentially for most businesses, a diverse online marketing strategy is often the best approach. Many AWG clients have opted to supplement their inbound marketing campaigns with an AWG paid search initiative as well. The PPC strategists at Active Web Group are seasoned not only in the pay-per-click marketing process, but also have developed strategies for its implementation. These strategies coupled with experience can make that critical difference between success and paying too much for scant and temporary results.

Adding Value to Your PPC Campaign

To be sustainable,PPC marketing results must be supported by all the major search engines, not just Google. AWG’s Pay-Per-Click marketing specialists will evaluate your objectives for your site and recommend if a Bing Pay-Per-Click campaign may be a good call.

Another sound argument for initiating a PPC marketing campaign is to determine which keywords your customers find most relevant. Some of these keywords could then be justifiably included in your existing, long-term SEO strategy. Pay-Per-Click Marketing continues to evolve and AWG’s PPC strategists can skillfully direct a sound ppc campaign for your business.

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