Inbound MarketingHas business growth come to a halt? If you’ve tried and failed to grow your business online, you may be wondering what you’re doing wrong. In this blog, we’ll show you the 3 steps to generating and converting leads and sales for your business!

Awareness and Lead Generation (Reaching Your Leads)

SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization has grown beyond making your site visible through keyword rankings. But it is an important place to start. Keywords must be relevant to your business AND be terms currently in use by those seeking your goods and services. Next, determine how useful and informational your site content is. Remove all fluff and give readers informational takeaways. You’ll gain new and repeat business if your site is easy to navigate and makes the process of locating what visitors came for fast as well. Facilitate the sales/leads funnel further with a safe and secure shopping cart and/or contact forms highlighting with compelling Calls to Action (CTAs).

PPC Strategy

Not seeing results from your paid ads? Something’s wrong as PPC campaigns, due to their immediate impact, are often used to jump start an organic campaign. It’s time to revisit your goal. You’d like to increase sales this year by 30%? Fine. Is this realistic? Maybe 15% is the norm for your industry. Find out and reset your metrics. As with SEO, make sure your ads use current search terms and double them up in effectively-worded ads for additional impact. Big hint: have a look  at what your competitors are doing and rethink your options. Remember to retarget. If you are paying for click-throughs that then bounce, find a way to have visitors opt in. Remind them of the benefits of signing up for your newsletter with a discount promotion when they do, hit them up with a fresh value proposition for their time and or email address. Get visitors to pull the trigger by piquing their interest and your investment will soon pay you dividends.

Boost Your Inbound Marketing

Social Media Advertising

Advertising on Social Media has also been growing for good reason. Platforms are able to narrow down audiences by various parameters, which allows you to get noticed in a cost-effective manner. In addition to the efficiency of this practice, you’re able to collect data for further optimization, leaving little to the imagination when it comes to measuring results. With the audience and data tools at your disposal, you might be a few tips away from advertising dominance!

Content Marketing (Nurturing Your Leads)

Everybody loves a good story because we find comfort and joy in entertainment. These same principles can apply to your Marketing Strategy. Creating valuable content that gets people talking will help reach your intended audience to get the word out about your business. Tell your brand’s story!

Social Media Marketing

The term “Social Media” is thrown out a lot, but do you really understand how useful of a tool it can be for a growing business? Social Media has changed the way consumers receive their news and content. Instead of buying news papers and magazines, people are following their favorite sources online, which created an open channel for reaching virtually any audience is now possible. This means your business can develop a strong presence; you just need to stay current with social media trends and create useful content for your audience.

Email Marketing

As business continues to grow, you can maintain connection with your leads by collecting their email addresses and adding them to your newsletter. Despite the misconceptions that suggest Email Marketing is slowing down, the latest research has proved the contrary (it’s not dying). Keeping your audience informed with your content in addition to company news and special discounts is an excellent way to maximize sales by turning casual customers into loyal ones.

Website Performance (Closing your Leads)

Having a Responsive Website

Regardless of how strong your inbound marketing strategy is, your goals will fall short if your website can’t finish the job. Website Design comes down to a science, it’s not enough to look pretty. Even more importantly, having a responsive (or mobile-friendly website) has become a necessity due to the rising popularity of smart phones and tablets. Having a responsive site makes navigating your website simple, regardless of what device they’re using.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO is what separates strong websites from the weak and is what turns potential customers into actual ones. Optimizing your landing pages and directing customers towards your intended goals is essential. What does this mean? Every webpage has a goal, whether it’s to direct you to a new article or to sell you a product, CRO is what guides your website visitors towards achieving these goals.

Say a prospect stumbles upon an advertisement, or gets a promotional email directing them to a landing page to buy a product. If your website lacks strong CRO, sales will fall and the effectiveness of your Inbound Marketing efforts will suffer.

Your Marketing Strategy is as strong as its weakest link! We all know 99% of a sale isn’t a sale so make sure your Marketing Strategy is fool proof! Have any more questions? Don’t be shy! Leave your questions/comments and we’ll get back to you soon!

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