Both the business and Digital Marketing landscapes have been changing for years and with emerging technologies introducing themselves, this trend is set to become a constant. With that in mind, businesses need to start adapting faster than ever if they hope to stand out and reach their goals at an affordable rate.

So what can you do to get the very most out of your approved marketing dollars?

Give Your Website The Makeover It Deserves

There is real power in simplicity and when your website reflects this, your customers will take notice. Seriously, the days of prioritizing aesthetics because “first impressions” are far behind us. Today, designers are prioritizing the user experience by making navigation and access of information as easy as possible.

This means trimming the fat off of everything from design aspects to actual functionality. Yes, there’s an initial investment in getting a new website – but that investment pays off BIG TIME once you see a strong improvement in your conversion rates. This makes for the gift that keeps on giving!

Tap Into The Power of Search Engines

It’s no secret that today’s consumer has a world of information in the palm of their hands. So when they’re in need of some information, they are a quick search away – that’s where your business comes into play!

Optimizing Your Website (And Landing Pages For Search)

By creating and optimizing your website content for the keywords and questions your potential customers are most likely to search, you’re setting yourself up for prime digital real estate. However, this is easier said than done. This is because there are likely dozens, if not hundreds, of other businesses competing for the same spotlight that you are. 

So how do you stand out?

The truth is, there are a lot of technical elements to consider in addition to your content. In such a competitive space, the smallest of nuances can make a world of difference. Other than implementing best practices, powerful SEO is about testing and refining your optimization efforts, which is a long-term initiative, to say the least.

Listing Your Products on Google Shopping

Looking to generate traffic (and sales) for your eCommerce site? Then consider uploading a shopping feed, so potential customers can find your products almost as easily as they do your website. Everything is pretty well integrated, making the process simple for merchants and users alike!

Start Advertising on Social Media

If you’re still considering whether to advertise on social media, consider this…

Consumers are using social media more than ever, but organic reach for brand pages has never been lower.

This is because social media outlets are creating a larger incentive for brands to advertise, making a norm out of what used to be a luxury. In fact, companies around the world are looking to increase their paid social budgets for 2022

The one thing you’ll need to consider is that (1) advertising is competitive, especially now, and (2) it requires time and commitment to yield long-term results. That said, you’ll need to anticipate losing *some* money upfront. However, the difference between doing advertising yourself and working with a professional is that when professionals miss, they learn from and apply their findings, whereas novices typically try and hope for the best.

Analyze My Social Media Advertising

If there’s one thing that will never change, it’s that Digital Marketing will never stop changing. That’s why so many companies work with trusted agencies like Active Web Group. We’ve been helping brands of all sizes and industries grow for over 20 years, and our professionals have aged like a fine wine. Thinking about revamping your Digital Marketing in 2022? Then contact one of our experts for a free Digital Marketing Analysis

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