Testing ResultsStrong landing pages are essential for generating conversions on your website. These pages can be key to turning online browsers into buyers. So it is important to make sure that your Landing Pages are functioning optimally. If not, learn what you can do to improve them.

Testing Method/ Measuring Results

In Google Analytics , you can set goals and monitor how often (or not) they’re being completed. Not only can you check conversions, you can also track:

  • Sessions: Number of visitors who have visited a particular landing page
  • Average Session Duration: Average time spent per session
  • Bounce Rate: Percentage of visitors who did not click further into your website
  • Behavior: Where visitors clicked and navigated to from the landing page

These metrics, also known as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), are crucial as they all tell you something about the effectiveness of your landing pages, and in some cases, the content that directs visitors to your landing pages. This data should provide information you’ll need, as you ask yourself some important questions.

Let’s take another look.

  • Sessions: How are visitors finding your website/landing page? Where are they coming from? How many conversions is your site getting, relative to the number of sessions?
  • Average Session Duration: How long is a visitor spending on your page? Is the page supplying them with the information they need? How can you keep them there longer?
  • Bounce Rate: Is your traffic high-quality? Could your lead-generating content be misleading, or sending the wrong message?
  • Behavior: Where do landing page visitors navigate to when they leave these pages? When all is well, the majority of visitors are following your CTA (Call to Action) button(s) and converting. If not, how can you redirect this traffic towards your desired result?

What to Watch


Do your landing pages contain lead-generating content? Is there a consistent tone and message throughout your website as well? Is the verbiage appropriate for the intended goal and audience?


Are the images and color schemes consistent with the rest of your website and lead-generating content?

Calls to Action

Are your Calls to Action appropriate for your intended goals and audience? Is the color of the button(s) the most effective? Your CTA buttons will direct traffic through your website, so it’s essential to make their message clear and their navigation process easy.

Improve My Results

Analyzing and Applying Findings

There is a skill in being able to analyze and understand why people are responding the way they are and what you can do to alter it to your advantage. Small, seemingly insignificant sections of your landing pages could be inadvertently causing prospects to leave your site, thereby negatively impacting your bottom line, so pay attention to every part of your landing pages.
Be sure to only change one or two aspects at a time. Making too many changes at once could potentially help your pages’ response rate, but you won’t know which change effected a positive outcome. Too many variables can lead to confusion and misinformation, so look at your landing pages as a long-term experiment, be patient, and take the time necessary to run tests to gauge effectiveness.

Boost My Advertising Results

Continue this Process for Optimal Results

You may see some short-term success by altering your text or changing the color of a CTA, but it would not compare to the long-term results obtained by assessing the weaknesses of your landing pages and improving them over time. Long-term optimization is what will yield the most improvement and overall results.

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