Facebook's F-8 Conference

Photo credit: Friesehamburg

Mark Zuckerburg wasn’t kidding when he said “This has been an intense year. I can’t believe we’re only four months in.” There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Facebook’s F8 Conference for Developers in lieu of recent headlines.

With everything going on we wanted to cut through some of the noise and bring you the highlights from this week’s conference. Let us know which you are most excited about in the comments below!

Data Security

With everything surrounding Facebook’s controversy with Cambridge Analytica, it was almost a given that Zuckerburg would address the next steps in ensuring the security that Facebook users are looking for. The #DeleteFacebook movement has applied pressure, insisting that Facebook has already gone too far. To combat this, Mark Zuckerburg placed a lot of emphasis on Facebook’s “People First” policy in an effort to bring Facebook back to what it was when it first started. This means more friends and family and less consumerism.

In short, Facebook is taking the nostalgic route to repair their brand.

To help users feel more secure and in control, Facebook will be implementing tools for better privacy controls such as the ability to delete browsing history from Facebook and monitor apps connected to Facebook for enhanced transparency.

Down Voting is Finally Coming

At long last, Facebook will be implementing a “down voting” button to increase the quality of public conversations. This will model the way Reddit displays their comments section. In effect, this decision will not only please long-term Facebook users, but also combat fake news and inappropriate behavior in one shot.

Facebook Dating App

Clearly an effort to compete with popular dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, Facebook will be taking their “People First” approach to a new level. The app was said to be “designed with privacy and safety in mind”, which would allow for a potentially more convenient way for Facebook users to enjoy their online dating experience.

Oculus Go

The new $200 wireless VR headset was released on Tuesday and while it works with iPhone and Android, it doesn’t rely on them. At a third of the price of the Oculus Rift, this will be appealing to people looking for a quality VR experience without breaking the bank.

News Feeds with 3D Photos

The Facebook of the future is on its way and will look very 3-dimentional. Users will be able to post 3D photos to their news feeds, as well as share VR stories, which can be later repurposed as memories. This will add more of a personal feel to strengthen the new direction for “friends first” and rival mobile competitors like Snapchat.

Group Video Chat for Instagram and WhatsApp

To expand capabilities, once exclusive to Facebook Messenger, Facebook will be integrating Instagram and WhatsApp for group video chatting.

Wrapping Up

Do you think these announcements will push Facebook in the right direction and drive more interest towards Facebook’s platform? Or is it too late for Facebook? Which of these announcements do you think will be most impactful? Let us know in the comments below!