Brand ImageEveryone often forgets that once you put your business online you are being watched. Your customers, your competitors, and your potential buyers, they are all watching. There are really two main reasons, besides pride, to build your brand up online. The first is so that your customers see you are an industry leader. Your company is the place to go to find answers, leadership, stability and wisdom. The second is to grow value. Your company has value, and as you grow it, you can be sure that people are watching what you do and how you go about doing it. There are very few secrets you can keep if you want to be successful online. The best way in today’s world to grow your equity value and your customer base, is by building your brand online.

How do you build your brand online? All of your first decisions should be made around your customers best interests. Your website should clearly communicate what your products and services are, and how your customers and prospects can order them. Brand Building is more about image and perception rather than functionality. Does your website appear to be the leader in your industry? Does it look better than the rest? Are your rankings at the top of the search engines for your keywords? Does your newsletter look professional? There are many businesses that fly under the radar with great sales but lose out on the value of their brand.

Another reason to improve your brand is job security! If your company is sold it can be for several reasons. There are a few reasons that may save or cost you your job. If the company is doing well, but the brand is not well positioned online, those responsible for the under performance will likely be eliminated so the new owners can take advantage of the weak branding. If the company is sold and the brand is regarded as a leader online, the new owners or managers will likely want more of the same from the same people. This, I know, is a simple assessment and there are many more factors to consider, but these basic truths are founded in reason.

Building your brand online can only improve your business. If you are a marketing manager or an owner, there are no down sides to paying attention to the small details that go beyond sales. Issue press releases, have a news section on your website, and make sure your site both looks and ranks as well or better than other people in your niche. Don’t be afraid to be different, but do so with deliberate thought and goals.

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