Get an SEO Quote from Active Web Group and Save!

Search Engine Optimization is the most important, vital online marketing tool utilized to increase online visibility. A properly optimized website will show up higher in the page rankings for organic searches. Getting listed on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing web results mean more potential customers will find your site ahead of your competitors. The higher you are in the rankings, the better your chances of increased web traffic and sales.

Many online marketing companies and self-proclaimed SEO gurus tout their services as being the best solution for you, but only offer a generic SEO package that is not fully-tailored to your specific website and target market. Additionally, many also consider their SEO service complete once the content has been written, and do not conduct any further research.

What’s included in a Search Engine Optimization quote from Active Web Group?

Active Web Group, a full-service Internet Marketing agency, utilizes a number of ‘on-page’ and ‘off-page’ optimization strategies that will establish the relevancy of your Web pages in the eyes of the search engines, including:

  • Keyword Research: Effective and relevant keywords are the cornerstone of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Every website developed for-profit must revolve around carefully chosen and strategically placed keywords.
  • Page Content: The creation of original content on your website is one of the most important on-page Search Engine Optimization strategies. Page content that is detailed and unique to each individual page with relevant keywords interspersed throughout will have a significant advantage in being deemed relevant by the search engines.
  • Title Tags: Search engines consider keywords found in your title tag to be extremely important. They literally tell the search engine what your web page is about and are what the search engines use as your Web page’s link in the search results.
  • Web Pages: The amount of pages on your website increases the content on your site, which, in turn increases the various page titles that contain relevant keywords about your services. Increased web pages allow you to dedicate whole pages to your most important services, which enhance the search terms that can be indexed.

Additionally Active Web Group will also continuously monitor and analyze the results in order to ensure maximum ROI and steady, consistent search engine placement, which can tend to change over time if Web content isn’t refined on a consistent basis.