Facebook Algorithm BlogFacebook recently announced their plans to change their algorithm, which would favor friends and family over fan pages and publishers. Facebook said “We’ve heard from our community that people are still worried about missing important updates from the friends they care about…” implying their new focus to fill news feeds with content from friends and family.

What does this mean?

Brands and publishers who distribute content on Facebook will likely see a decrease in reach and referral traffic, particularly those who rely on clicks on page posts. With these new changes being implemented, brands and publishers will have to adapt by creating content that is more sharable. While sharable content is always desirable, it will also take some of the effect from this update away, helping publishers in the process.

Before this change moves into action, measure your Facebook audience over the next few weeks and see if this has affected your reach. If you notice changes, see if there are ways to adapt your content accordingly and make it more sharable.

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One Response to Facebook’s New Algorithm

  1. tamarque says:

    If I understand this correctly, Facebook as devised a means to censor pages while trying to appear friendly. Numerous political Facebook pages are suffering censorship if they are progressive/left leaning while porn sites and reactionary groups continue on their merry way. Facebook has shown itself to be quite ‘unfriendly’ to the public’s interests which is always freedom to communicate. Wish you would be more clear and analytical about these kinds of moves by a huge corporation that has shown itself to align with corporate and big politics interests.