Make Pay-Per-Click Advertising Work Optimally for Your Business With Facebook PPC!

Facebook PPCFacebook PPC bears some similarities to traditional PPC campaigns. These campaigns differ as the ads are developed to target a specific demographic, rather than just being aligned with particular keyword searches. Featuring advanced capabilities for highly specific demographic targeting, Facebook PPC shows your ad selectively: just to those who are most likely to click on it. This offers a highly competitive edge over other PPC engines such as Google or Bing, and also over competitors that may not be utilizing these unique advantages to their fullest potential.

As the largest social media network, Facebook enables brands to reach potential customers with focused targeting. Facebook Pay-Per-Click is also an affordable, cost-effective Internet Marketing option, as advertisers only pay for ads when they are actually clicked on by interested users.

Why Your Business Requires a Managed Facebook PPC Campaign

When you consult with Active Web Group regarding a personalized Facebook paid campaign we will accurately determine how best to reach your target audience, their interests in your products or services, and the best keywords to utilize in order to reach potential customers that will convert to sales and maximize your ROI. AWG’s Internet marketing professionals can develop and manage a Facebook Pay-Per-Click campaign that holds several distinct advantages:

  • True demographic targeting: demographic criteria can include location, job title, gender, age, and more.
  • Facebook PPC ads can target users who possess interests relatable to the products or services you offer.
  • Targeting can include users who belong to particular groups, like certain events, or are connected to particular pages.
  • You only pay for ads that are clicked on, and do not need to engage in bidding for particular keywords and ad placement.
  • A continuing increase in Facebook traffic means more potential customers are reached.
  • Facebook Pay-Per-Click allows you to accurately determine the number of people that may see your ad based on your target criteria.

As part of a successful PPC campaign, Active Web Group will also provide conversion tracking, and help you effectively manage your ads in order to increase brand recognition and sales. Our PPC social media initiatives are actionable and with measurable results. Contact us today to review your business, your target demographics and the best strategy for creating interest in your online enterprise via a social media PPC campaign from Active Web Group.

For more information regarding Facebook pay per click campaign management, call us at (800) 978-3417 or click to contact Active Web Group.