The Worst Online Marketing Mistakes You Can Make

The world of online marketing is expansive, and traversing its landscape can lead one into many pitfalls and perils if one attempts the journey without proper guidance. Many small businesses consider themselves well-suited for the task, expecting to find increased online visibility and a substantial ROI at the end of their quest. Instead, many find themselves stalled somewhere along the way, floundering in a sea of uncertainty and wondering why their online marketing efforts have been in vain.

Here are several online marketing mistakes many small businesses are guilty of making but all too often never realize it or take steps to correct them.

Having an Outdated or Unprofessional Looking Website.

Your website is like a commercial for your business running 24/7. Within seconds, your website will give visitors an impression of your business. Whether this is a good impression or a bad impression all depends upon the appearance of your website. If it’s a bad impression, visitors will likely leave rather quickly, and you’ll rarely have a chance to make a second impression.

Not Utilizing at Least One Online Marketing Solution

There are many online marketing solutions to choose from: SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, social network marketing, etc. Even having a company blog is a form of online marketing. The majority of your competition likely already implements one or more online marketing strategies, so it’s vital that you do as well. Typically, you’ll want to first start by having your site optimized for SEO.

Not Using a Professional for Your Online Marketing

Most companies rarely employ individuals whose sole experience lies in the realm of online marketing strategies. Occasionally, companies may employ a copywriter or a graphic designer who possess some experience in SEO or web design, respectively. But unless anyone in your employ actually possesses extensive experience in the realm of online marketing, you are doing yourself a disservice by using them for any type of marketing strategy, from web design to email marketing to PPC Management. There are professionals who do this everyday; entrust them to handle your online marketing campaigns, and you won’t be disappointed.

Hiring an Individual or Agency Simply Because They are Cheap.

This also includes purchasing web design templates as opposed to hiring a website designer. Try not to pay too much attention to price when researching online marketing agencies. Instead, examine their own website, browse their portfolios and case studies, gauge their experience by reading their company info, and see what types of online marketing strategies they specialize in. Typically, your best option is a full-service web marketing firm that is well-versed in all aspects of online marketing.

Ignoring What the Competition is Doing

You need to be aware of who your competitors are and how they rank against you on the Internet, specifically in search engine queries related to keywords that pertain to both your businesses. If they rank higher than you, than customers are finding them first, and may never get to your own website. There are many tools and websites available that allow you to see whether or not your competition is using PPC advertising, and how they rank in search engines relating to both organic and paid keywords. You can also use Google Analytics to examine the traffic of your own site to help you determine where visitors are coming from, and which pages of your site work best, and which are the worst.

There are of course many other mistakes that can be made, but these are the most common. For more information about Internet Marketing strategies and how they might benefit your own company, contact Active Web Group.

As a full-service web marketing firm, Active Web Group works with every client individually to develop the best possible online marketing solutions that are best suited to meet your unique goals and budget. We will strive to get your business in front of potential clients at the very moment they are searching for the services you offer.

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