It’s very easy to understand the concept of SEO, but not so easy to employ it effectively if you don’t have ample experience and a solid understanding of current SEO technique. Below are three common mistakes made by many companies that seek to save money by attempting to handle Search Engine Optimization themselves.

SEO Mistake #1 – Utilizing an Employee not Fully Skilled in SEO to Handle Your SEO Campaign

All too often, managers approach their web designers, marketing departments and copywriters, and ask them to optimize the website for SEO. The idea of course is to save money by avoiding the costs associated with employing or retaining the services of an SEO expert. However, the results are usually ineffective and wind up costing you both wasted time and money. Bad SEO can even affect your website negatively.

If you are serious about your marketing, you don’t want someone with just a basic understanding of SEO to handle your campaign: you need to employ an SEO expert or hire an external agency. Only those who specialize in SEO possess both the understanding, experience and skills necessary to enable your website to compete with and surpass major online powerhouses in search engine rankings.

SEO Mistake #2 – Not Utilizing SEO as a Full Marketing Campaign

Nowadays, search engines read everything online and SEO is a larger factor than ever before. Twitter, Facebook, blogs, individual web pages, PDFs online, and many other aspects of the Internet space are SEO friendly, and this can be a great advantage to the company that integrates SEO into everything they do (when possible).

Many companies are still under the false assumption that marketing campaigns pertain only to advertising, promotional pieces, direct mail, email marketing, and related concepts. SEO is just as viable a campaign as any and all of the above, and not recognizing it as such is doing yourself a disservice.

Integrating SEO into your website, blog postings, Twitter and Facebook posts, and basically anything you post online will enable search engines to find you quicker and rank you better, subsequently converting clicks to sales.

SEO Mistake #3 – Ignoring the Input of Your SEO Team or Not Including Them In Project Beginnings

Your SEO team may consist of a single SEO expert or a whole agency. Regardless, it is wholly beneficial to include them on any projects in the early stages of development so that their input can be heard and considered. This saves time and possibly money, and enables you to put together a solid piece of marketing or promotional content.

Copywriters and SEO experts need to work together, so that keywords can be established before content is written. Content should then be reviewed by the SEO team to ensure that keyword density is optimal.

Utilizing SEO to constantly modify a Website in an effort to make it visible to the major search is just one of the many services performed by Active Web Group, a full-service Internet Marketing agency located on Long Island, NY.

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