traffic increaseThe title is a bit of an anachronism because over time the function of SEO has shifted to accommodate internet user habits. Twenty years ago, most online users accessed the internet via search engines that no longer exist. Google didn’t exist. One typed in one or two words, known as keywords, to find what they needed. Today user habits have changed markedly and SEO has adapted to further its intended purpose: to assist online business owners to achieve their individual enterprise’ goals. Online competition grows daily. Therefore SEO strategies have changed to meet ever-increasing demands. So instead of asking about increased website traffic, let’s focus on what it will take for your SEO initiatives to achieve, maintain, and grow your online business:

FACT: No one keyword will drive traffic to your site. Keywords are not the end-all-be-all they once were. Thanks to mobile devices and personal assistants such as Siri, Echo, and Google Home, the paradigm is shifting from typing search terms to speaking them. Natural language, i.e. search terms that are more like actual questions rather than two or three concise keywords are becoming increasingly popular. Yet these terms grow and change rapidly in the popular lexicon. (In the 1960s people used the term ‘groovy’ to give praise or note their approval- would anyone today? Not hardly.) 

FACT:  SEO is not necessarily a numbers game. That means quality over quantity. There is no point in driving traffic to a website if the visitor is not specifically looking for products/services that site offers. They will quickly realize their mistake and leave, most likely for a competitor’s site.

FACT: Ranking #1 on the search engines does not ensure conversions. Since mobile users outrank desktop users, voice search, a primary tool for those on mobile devices, is shaping how users perform searches. This means that over time businesses that persist in relying solely on primary keywords might rank well for them, but not see an uptick in site traffic and conversions.

FACT: What does work? Once on the site, visitors must be immersed in a solid user experience– a site that is easy to navigate, content that informs and influences the visitor to buy or call. Transactions must inspire trust, and the final leg of the sale process quick and error-free. In addition, to be successful in attaining online goals may additionally require a supportive approach that can include additional SEM disciplines.

FACT: How fast your website traffic increases from organic SEO initiatives depends on many different variables. These various factors include the age and size of the website, the quality of the site content, the efficacy of existing SEO if any, supportive SEM strategies such as Paid Search, Email Marketing for promotions, and Social Media for branding. SEO has never been a ‘one and done’ proposition. Then as now, organic search takes time to develop and it must be continuously reinforced for an online business to remain competitive. 

FACT: Budget is also a consideration. Optimization is essential to online business success. AWG’s team works with every client to ensure each receives the maximum benefit for their spend.  

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