Mobile User ExperienceAt the start of this decade, no one considered the ‘mobile user experience’- it wasn’t remotely part of the popular lexicon. Yet today, as the decade closes, attention to the quality of the online experience for those accessing the internet via mobile devices is paramount. Their need is simple, the solution, however, is ever evolving. That’s because for mobile users as in most relationships, how long it (their time on site and repeat visits) lasts depends on the quality of each and every encounter. And dwindling metrics that indicate a swift exit rate are not the only concern for digital marketers. Disgruntled prospects or former customers will readily take to social media platforms and proclaim their dissatisfaction, thereby influencing potential prospects to patronize a competitor instead. For web and app developers, site performance coupled with the prospect of online retaliation is an ongoing conundrum to literally, keep the customer satisfied.

That’s why a thorough knowledge of what mobile consumers want combined with the skills to “make it happen” should be part of any marketer and developer’s skill set. Yet most client web design requests will begin with a request for a stellar web design, not a fully-functional one. The number one consideration when creating a website is that the majority of its users will be accessing it via mobile devices. Next, that mobile users are very goal-oriented. They fully expect to locate what they want almost immediately and truly, “want what they want when they want it the way that they want it.” Got all that? Now make it happen! Here is a run-down of the top considerations, by category, that provide a great mobile user experience:

Home Page/Site Nav: Prioritize important messaging

  • Keep Calls to Action where they need to be- upfront and ‘in your face’.
  • Trim menu items down to as few categories as possible, (the trick here is to retain usability).
  • Make the return to the Home Page easy with a tap on the logo.
  • Find a promo versus above the fold real estate balance.

Site Search: A leading cause of an increased bounce rate so make it easy to filter

  • Make it easy to find
  • Make the results relevant
  • Implement filters to narrow results
  • For larger sites ask questions and use responses to produce relevant results.

Conversion: let users convert on their own terms

  • Allow users to browse the site without requiring an immediate sign in.
  • Store customer information to enable easier forms fill-outs
  • Enable guest checkouts without having to sign in
  • Implement click to call buttons
  • Make it easy to switch from a mobile device to a desktop


  • Auto-fill for existing customers
  • The fewer taps the better: implement Auto Advance
  • Provide visual calendars for date selection (i.e. available delivery dates)

That is but a few of the considerations web developers and digital marketers must consider when designing websites for today’s mobile users. For over twenty years, Active Web Group has remained at the forefront in our industry by determining and utilizing innovation and by providing personal service. This way we can offer our clients the web advances that will keep their online businesses both relevant and competitive. Our teams’ initiatives also facilitate the sales funnel by providing your prospects with an optimal online experience regardless of what device they are using. To learn more about providing your clients with the best mobile experience possible, please contact Active Web Group at (800) 978-3417.