Mobile UsersEricsson, a global telecommunications giant has stated that today’s 2.6 billion smartphones will grow substantially to 6.1 billion smartphone users by 2020. This metric is no idle boast, instead the statistic was harvested using data from 100 carriers across the globe. Another way of looking at it is that 6.1 billion users equates some 70% of the world’s population. That means over the past decade, this monumental growth demonstrates a behavioral shift by the majority of consumers. Simply put: today more persons use smartphones to access the internet, with no end in sight. Therefore, any enterprise or service that wants to extend its brand’s reach and increase its revenue will be aligning their business objectives to better serve mobile, and in particular, smartphone users.

Another ‘food for thought’ statistic from Ericsson is that people are now utilizing their smartphones for far more than phone calls and shopping. In fact, Ericsson asserts, people are moving toward using their smartphones as their primary computer devices. The impact of this paradigm shift for ecommerce as well as its potential is enormous. Will your business be ready? Still another metric online business owners should be considering is that video consumption on mobile is currently growing at a rate of 55% annually. Of this, YouTube accounts for up to 60% of all video traffic today. Does your business have a YouTube presence? If so, is it working optimally to attract new sources of quality leads, conversions, and increased revenue?

How Can Your Business Prepare for This Consumer Paradigm?

Larger screens and more sophisticated apps are two reasons cited for the robust increases in mobile, particularly smartphone users. Business owners should ask themselves, “How easy is it for prospects to use our app/website to quickly locate what they’re looking for?” One mobile aspect has not and will not change: the need for an enhanced user experience, every time they access any website. So what is truly next for mobile users? As a major player in the Internet of Things (ioT), the network of devices embedded with electronics, software, and connectivity, there is even greater argument for businesses to align themselves with this technology. It is estimated that there will be 30 billion such devices by 2020, many with the ability to access the internet. Strength in numbers usually influences major technology changes. As a leading part of the new majority, when mobile users go online they will expect enhanced ease of use, and an even greater mobile experience. This means that online businesses from startups to enterprise-level ecommerce must create apps and other services to accommodate ever increasing mobile user demands.

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