Mobile marketing has yet to be fully embraced by many corporations, but its positive impact on promotion, branding, and quick access to information cannot be denied. Wireless mobile devices with Internet access capabilities are finding their way into the hands of thousands of new wireless subscribers every day, creating a new fertile market. Corporations are moving progressively forward and are ready to embrace the advantages of new and ever-changing technologies.

According to the Mobile Marketing Association, the majority of major brands are already utilizing mobile marketing or planning for it in future marketing budgets. Mobile marketing allows companies to expand upon positive marketing efforts generated by email and websites and reach consumers in a more direct manner. Closer interaction with consumers means increased brand recognition and a stronger ROI.

As mobile device capabilities increase with nearly every new offering from major cell phone manufacturers, the ability to reach consumers also increases. Of course, as consumers have always shown an aversion to forced advertising interrupting their browsing activities (i.e. popups), there is bound to be a thin line between effective, acceptable mobile marketing and overdone, irritating marketing. Companies would be advised to learn how to recognize the difference.

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