We constantly talk about the world of PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing as a whole; how it is always changing and how bidding techniques and strategies need to change and develop with it. This is no different when we are talking about PPC marketing on different types of devices, whether it be desktops/laptops, tablets or mobile phones. The last few years have seen a drastic increase in the number of users who are actually searching for something via their smart phone or tablet instead of the more traditional route of PCs.

When addressing your mobile PPC strategy, segment out your campaigns and target each individual type of device. No campaign should be running for all devices in the same campaign. Not doing this is like throwing a bunch of stuff out there and seeing what sticks. Your data is harder to analyze and understanding the searcher and their behavior when everything is all lumped together is more difficult. Be careful not to include tablet searchers in with your mobile campaigns. The behavior between tablet and mobile searchers is also very different.

The searchers intent is not the same on each of these devices and it is easier to manage and target these devices with separate campaigns. Most mobile searchers are much farther along in the buying cycle and are most likely looking to make a decision, not do research. They are ready to buy, call or visit a store and having the right message in your ads and the right keywords selected for your mobile campaigns is crucial. Your keywords should be more action oriented rather than research related.

Marketing to mobile devices using PPC has become a major focus for many companies and it should be. Its growth is out pacing its pricing. Data shows that click through rates and conversion rates are often higher in mobile campaigns with an actual cost per click that is much lower than traditional PPC ads. If you and your company are not already marketing to mobile devices you should be making this a high priority in your PPC strategy. Active Web Group can help you make the most of these campaigns.

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