The rising popularity of wireless mobile devices such as the iPhone and similar products that feature full web-browsing capabilities has enabled companies to expand into mobile marketing. New and creative options for reaching new consumers and clients through mobile marketing are being integrated into marketing budgets. But before a mobile marketing campaign can be initiated, companies should take steps to ensure that their website will be displayed properly on mobile devices.

WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) sites are also commonly referred to as mobile sites. Mobile sites are mini versions of a website that has been reconfigured so that the website layout is compatible with the smaller screens of wireless mobile devices. Approximately 25% of wireless mobile device owners now use their cell phones to browse the Internet, and that percentage is certain to rise steadily. As branding is such an important factor in marketing, it only makes sense to ensure that your own company brand is well perceived on mobile devices.

With mobile sites able to be viewed from any location in the world using a WAP-enabled cell phone or mobile device (the majority of cell phones with Internet browsing capabilities), the potential for increased visibility and web presence is obvious. WAP sites can also be designed as an extension of your corporate website in order to maximize exposure in new markets and can include the ability to interact with your audience, share files, and quickly post important news updates.

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