In-App OrderingWhen marketing to your target demographic or consumer it is important to know their habits, their spending habits in particular. Over the past year mobile users, who as you know comprise the majority of internet users, have embraced shopping through mobile apps to purchase a wide range of products and services. Think about it. The other day you were running late at the office and family dinner is 7:30 PM. Did you have time to stop at the grocery, buy ingredients and cook a meal? Not hardly. Most likely you polled your team as to their preferences then ordered takeout, possibly from a variety of restaurants, and maybe even threw in delivery as well. Problem: time Solution: in-app ordering.

Every mobile user has a collection of apps on their smartphone. These applications feature only the most widely used functions of their related main or desktop website. Their purpose is direct; to facilitate a specific function- online ordering. Many B2B and B2C enterprises have opted for an app, yet are not seeing results in terms of the downloads, leads, conversions, and revenue they’re seeking. More on that later.

Why Do Mobile Consumers Use Apps? 

What is the appeal of in-app ordering? There are many perks for users and therefore opportunities for B2B and B2C companies as well. For users, convenience is key- in a few keystrokes they want to find their information/product/service and buy it just as easily and securely. Why should they download your app and use it? For a variety of reasons: brand recognition, products/services, and for the incentives or promotions that may be running. What is the appeal for businesses to seek their share of this pie? How about 462 billion dollars spent worldwide via apps in the first two quarters of 2019?

Got your interest?  Here’s what to do next. Call Active Web Group. We will make your business stand out to your target demographic who are making their buying decisions faster than ever. Consumers’ ever-growing need for sound time management coupled with convenience and the right incentives has created a need for a solid in-app marketing approach. The professionals at Active Web Group, a leading digital marketing company, will be glad to customize a solution that will increase your visibility, influence consumers to download your app and influence them to convert. For a confidential conversation regarding your business and its goals, call me at (800) 978-3417.