Pay-Per-Click imageBusinesses worldwide typically focus on broadening their marketing to include Pay-Per-Click advertising in an effort to enhance traffic to their site. Many ask, what is Pay-Per-Click? Pay-Per-Click, also known as PPC, is a form of Internet advertising used to direct traffic to websites wherein the business advertiser will pay the hosting search engine only when the ad is clicked and directed to the advertisers site. Learning the basics of Pay-Per-Click advertising is essential prior to creating your online advertising campaign. Pay-Per-Click advertising ranges from generating your keyterm or phrase list, creating your ad, generating a landing page to last but not least bidding on your selected keyterm or phrase. Fully understanding PPC can give you the key to opening up a new way of marketing.

First and foremost; it is best to fully understand that you don’t pay until someone actually clicks onto your ad. It is then that a payment is made to the search engine and the searcher is then directed to your site where it is your job to entice them to stay and shop. However, to first get to this stage, you, (meaning a business) must decide on a group of keyterms or phrases that best suits your business or products sold within your site. When choosing, it is always best to utilize several words or a phrase versus a single word such as ‘furniture’. Understanding your targeted audience will also help you to discover the best keyterms to use in order to potentially lead great traffic to your site.

This leads us to creating your ad which is also extremely important as you want your ad to catch the browsers attention. Try to keep your ad short and to the point. Also try to use your keyterm or phrase as much and as precise as possible within your ad. Explain what you have to offer and make it as exciting as possible. After your ad is written you will need to decide on the best landing page for each keyterm and ad created. The landing page should always show the product that is being searched. Try not to overload the customer with too much information meaning, you don’t want the customer to click various times in order to get to the product that they are searching for. Simple practice is the best solution for this step.

Last but not least is to bid on your keyword list. It is sometimes best to start low and work your way up because this will be money out of your pocket each time an ad is clicked on. Creating a budget and sticking to your budget is always important and will not create an unwanted balance. If you see that you are getting a large number of clicks with little to no sales, try to determine if your keyword is the most relevant and if it is actually bringing in the right kind of audience to your site. Determining the best bid amount for each keyterm or phrase takes patience and sometimes can take time to see how each one will perform.

Learning the basics of utilizing Pay-Per-Click advertising is essential to creating the best online advertising. Each step is as important as the next in order to fully utilize this great marketing tool. Be sure to research and review prior to creating your Pay-Per-Click account as this will help to create a better tool for your business. In the end, understanding the basics of Pay-Per-Click advertising can ultimately increase your advertising to its fullest.

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