Accelerated Mobile PagesFor years now, the number of mobile internet users has eclipsed their desktop users. With this shift came additional demands on how the web works. A satisfying website user experience is paramount, but mobility made it more difficult for web developers to provide that fluidity to make browsing and shopping seamless.

Enter Google, the muscle behind the open source Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) project. Google knows a good thing when its collective minds see one. AMP enables websites to load with unprecedented speed. Good for mobile users, great for Google (there are trade offs but more on that later).

Initiating AMP means creating an alternate website version that conforms to Google’s specifications, but implemented through AMP protocols. AMP code is actually similar to HTML but has been pared down to its simplest form.

What are the benefits to following AMP? Special treatment from Google, that’s what. Ever wonder how websites that get top billing on mobile searches earn it? This is it. And if this is all starting to sound a lot like Facebook’s Instant Articles service, well, yes, yes, it does.

Reap Optimal Benefits and Dodge AMP Pitfalls

Unlike that social media service, however, with AMP there are consequences for positioning one’s site so that mobile users find your online business first. In fact, AMP can be a metric analyst’s worst nightmare. For example, one user can be counted as four, single page sessions can increase due to switching between the regular site and the AMP site. And without web developers who can implement clever workarounds, there are privacy issues as well.

So how can online business owners avoid the pitfalls and reap the benefits that AMP has to offer?? Consult with Active Web Group, a leading full-service digital agency. Our developers are experienced in building AMP sites that assist to achieve our clients’ goals. We use only best practices to allow mobile web users to locate your business, increase quality site traffic, and your ROI.

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