What is Relevant Content and How Does It Benefit My Online Business?For years there has been a saying in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) circles that “Content is King”. What this means is that the information website users find on individual web pages must be of use to them, or be ‘relevant’. It makes sense when consumers visit a website in search of specific products or services.

For an optimal web experience, when site visitors are information gathering, or looking to make a purchase, what is found on a web page must follow a given context. Not only should the page content relate to the purpose stated by the page title, but also provide a takeaway, or nugget that influences the reader to take action. For ecommerce websites, the hope is that a page’s content is sufficiently relevant to influence its readers to make a buying decision and ‘pull the trigger’ and make a purchase.

How Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Benefits eCommerce Sites

For ecommerce websites, or those that sell products and/or services online, CRO is referred to as ‘facilitating the sales funnel’. It utilizes techniques that help to convert site visitors to customers by influencing the decision-making process. Most online enterprises, who want to increase their conversions (sales) and revenue, turn to Digital Marketing Agencies to provide the most relevant and financially effective site content.

A solid CRO campaign consists of using analytics to improve website performance. Using eCommerce sites as our example, CRO is used to improve any important business site metric. These statistics are also known as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) but basically, conversion rate optimization is about doing just that, acquiring new customers, more sign-ups, registrations, downloads, whatever the goal metrics may be.

CRO strategies seek to locate the point of failure in the sales, or conversion process. Just what is preventing site visitors from signing up for your newsletter? Or from sealing the deal by buying that product they put in their cart? Perhaps the most basic definition of CRO is that a campaign seeks to understand exactly what site visitors are looking for when they arrive, and leading them to it as quickly as possible. In other words, making shopping, buying, etc. as convenient, easy and as fast as possible.

It is important to note that while CRO objective are simple, its means are precise, measurable, and accountable. Sometimes a simple on-page change such as making the Calls to Action (CTAs) more prominent is the solution. Other times, it is a combination of strategies and even disciplines that assist online businesses to achieve their goals. For example, making a form shorter and faster to fill out, or removing steps in the sales funnel are all strategies that have provided a measure of success.

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Why CRO Matters

Most online businesses are paying to influence consumers or visitors to come to their site. When these site visitors fail to convert or buy, money invested in attracting this traffic is also lost. So it is equally important to convert visitors as it is to initially attract them. This way, higher conversion rates mean a greater return on their investment or ROI.

Effective CRO strategies are a great, cost effective way to persuade site visitors to not only remain on-site, but to convert/buy. It is not a task for office staffers, as it requires tracking, analytical training, focus, and testing. There is little point in optimizing without understanding exactly where the process is breaking down. Seasoned Conversion Rate Optimization Specialists not only provide the due diligence required, but their results are measurable, reportable and accountable.

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