man cutting his own hairAs a business owner, spinning all the plates that constitute that lofty endeavor can be daunting. It seems to be getting more and more complicated to hit your internal benchmarks while all the while, changing governmental regulations, stressed financing options, looming HR increases and a worldwide marketing landscape that is morphing at warp speed. While I can’t offer specific advice by industry, I would share my solution. Focus on what you do well-what makes your organization great, unusual, dominant, and off-load what you can.

While it is true, I can teach a monkey to blog (present company included), your time spent to effectively develop and maintain an online marketing campaign might be better spent building a better mousetrap, developing a new a la carte menu for your restaurant or what every specialty you are involved in. You have already invested years of schooling, blood, sweat, time and energy to be great in your chosen field. Point being, just because you can do something, when the learning curve and real maintenance time are added into the equation, it might, and usually does, make more sense to outsource. I don’t do my own taxes. I don’t paint my house heck I don’t even cut my own lawn. Not because I’m lazy or suffer from allergies, I just have evaluated my time and effort and these are things better handled by someone else. I’m sure I could cut in around the ceiling ok, or edge the driveway fairly well. But why? IT would take me twice as long and the result, while acceptable, isn’t the same result of people who do these tasks everyday and do them very well. Instead, I use my time to provide SEO services to accountants, contractors and landscapers, among others. My “specialty”.

It is forever the pitfall of the small business owner to want to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. Resisting the temptation to create your own Social Media Campaign or link building strategy might be difficult, but probably a better use of your time in the long run.

Granted, I could learn to bake, but why would I when there is such a great bakery right around the corner? Find the right SEO company who wants to understand your business and implement laser-focused strategies to make your online marketing efforts make sense.

Then enjoy your cake.

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