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Most marketing managers know the value of good search engine rankings. The main three elements of achieving good rankings are site architecture, on-page optimization, and back links. For this article I will focus only on easy back link building, and I will cover the other topics in different articles. The reason I am going over easy link building rather than all link building is because a comprehensive link building strategy normally requires the work of a professional SEO agency or a full time skilled person. There are a few ways though a marketing manager or owner can roll up their sleeves and do some link building, see some results, and realize the great value in a comprehensive link building strategy as part of a successful professional SEO campaign.

Easy Link Building Method #1: Contact any and all manufacturers of services that you do business with. Get a link from their site to your site. You pay them money for their products and services that you sell. Many will give you the link with no problems and a few you may have to push a bit. Follow up and don’t be lazy about it. Back links from manufacturers or providers can be some of the best links you build. Many are happy you are selling their products and services and offer this up as a service for people that find them to direct sales. You may just pick up some sales from the other site!

Easy Link Building Method #2: Join any associations that are relevant to your industry and get a back link or two from them. Again, you may find a few sales this way, but typical industry associations are very niche oriented and have good link juice.

Easy Link Building Method #3: Write a great article and post it on your site. Somewhere inside every business owner is a great article. In all likelyhood you know more about your industry than the average bear. Write one terrific article about your products or services that is cutting edge, inventive, new, and insightful. Something that will teach your potential visitors something they likely didn’t know beforehand and now wish to share. By creating this great piece of content other sites will link to you and hopefully share your article.

Easy Link Building Method #4: Put social bookmarking logos on your pages. Use the Facebook and Twitter logos on your best content pages so people can easily tweet or share your content. These create no-follow links that add up to rankings. Search engines have made it clear that getting social counts in the rankings world.

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Easy Link Building Method #5: Buy a few links. Did I say buy a few links?! Everyone throws water on this idea, but it can be done correctly and within the white hat SEO guidelines. Buy a few links on quality directory sites that only sell listings. These listings should be bought with the idea that you may really get some business from them such as Yahoo is another directory that you pay for that has good link juice. This is an area you should be very careful and select only a few sensible ones. Ask the question “will this link bring relevant traffic to my site?” and if the answer is no, don’t do it.

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The trick with link building is that most of it takes a lot of work. These are some easy steps to get some quality links without too much work. Other methods such as guest blogging, custom link building, article marketing, etc are very time consuming. Most owners could do it, if they spent all their time doing it. The value of back links is tremendous to a site’s rankings and can’t be ignored. Try a few of these simple methods, make sure your anchor text is correct and point the links to your target pages. Enjoy your rankings.

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