Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Link building is a fundamental strategy to obtain top search engine rankings. Back links, as they are called, are links on other websites that point to your website. A link pointing to your website is like a vote. The major search engines tally these links or votes to see what the rest of the world thinks about you. If you have a lot of good quality links pointing to various pages on your website, you have a very good chance of getting good search engine rankings. Link building for SEO is a simple concept, yet it continues to evolve and change. Active Web Group has become proficient in all the legal methods of getting links for our clients. Each SEO link building campaign is designed and executed with the main purpose of gaining sustainable rankings through search engine approved link building techniques.

There are dozens of ways to get links to your website. At Active Web Group we use all the legal methods allowed. We use a portion of your SEO budget each month to create content link bait, write and publish articles, blog posts, create social media buzz, perform link repair, and build custom links. These are a few of the fundamental ways we provide SEO link building. Each client’s link building campaign needs are different. Obtaining a ranking on a search engine is like an individual competition. We perform a full link assessment on our client’s website before we begin. We also do a link analysis on their competitors’ websites as well. By gathering all this analytical data of our client’s link profile and their competitors, we can then create a link building strategy for both long term and short term gains. Comparisons will help us determine where our client’s strengths and weaknesses are compared to their competition. We have developed a proprietary profiling system that we use to generate a clear link building campaign strategy that will achieve great search engine rankings.

Creating a winning SEO link building campaign for is like creating a great food recipe. We use all the best ingredients in the right quantities and then we get the best rankings for our clients. Link building is as much an art as a science. Your website has a link profile. It is important to expand your websites inbound linking domains in a way that maintains an organic or natural profile. The search engines watch link growth more carefully now than ever before, and the consequences of black hat SEO or illegal link building can be devastating to a website’s rankings. Every client requires a unique link building plan for great search engine rankings. If your site is new and has low traffic, your linking profile needs to be expanded in a different way than if your site is older with a lot of traffic and inbound links. SEO link building is fundamental in achieving great rankings. Active Web Group’s link building techniques can move your website to the top!

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