burger joint imageSo you just created an awesome website and you’re getting no traffic. I am not surprised! Many companies pay top dollar to have a beautiful site built with all types of bells whistles but these same companies forget one important piece of the puzzle. They forget to create a budget for SEO, pay per click, and social media marketing!

Picture your website as a hamburger joint located in the middle of the desert (no traffic at this location, every site starts here). Great food, great service, great environment, but no one can find it. There are no roads for miles. So what do you do? You call SEO/SMM specialist like me for help. Your SEO specialist will build roads around your hamburger joint allowing people to see it. As if that’s not enough your SEO specialist will build the roads to highways and highways to larger highways. Eventually your SEO specialist will have you placed on a busy road with tons of surrounding roads. Traffic will be flowing in, people will be buying hamburgers. You’ll soon find other non competing business showing up such as gas stations and seven eleven’s to capitalize off your traffic. Life is good.

But wait, why settle with good when you can get much better? Picture this you have a good hamburger joint, a good amount of customers, now you start a PPC campaign.

The pay per click campaign will create billboards and signs on main roads and highways. The pay per click campaign will also place ads in businesses such as diners, tourist attractions, and movie theaters. Your pay per click campaign will allow you to reach a broader audience further away through targeted ads. People will become familiar with your face and when they see your location they will stop in for a hamburger out of curiosity. If they get good vibes they will surely buy. You’ll notice an increase in visitors and sales. Your happy because life got better and you got a new house, but we can take this one step further.

A social media marketing campaign can help you push the envelope and surprise your customers with something that will get them telling their friends and family about your hamburger joint. A unique secret sauce will do just the thing. Word will spread that your hamburgers are good but your secret sauce is a must have. The word spreads faster than the flu. People will be coming from all over just to try your secret sauce. The Influencers in the social media realm will remain at your side and help build communities and fan clubs around your hamburger joint. These influencers have a large following and when they speak highly of your secret sauce. Your hamburger joint will be flooded with new customers. What do you think would happen if an article was released by the New York Times saying you have the best hamburgers in New York? At this point you must either expand to keep up with the increase in demand or sell off your hamburger joint and prepare for your next big venture.

One thing every business has in common is that they need people to be able to find them either directly or through advertising. Whether it’s physically or digitally the more people you can attract the better your business will do. Contact Active Web Group to have a specialist help bring your company’s website to the next level.

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