SalesmanRecently, we’ve all heard someone complaining about the economy and its effect on everything. I agree, money is tight all around, however it does not mean that people aren’t spending it. It just means you have to be more creative in attracting the ‘buyers’ out there. Internet Marketing is a function of simply two things; making sure you’re getting as much targeted traffic as possible, second and very important, to make sure you’re converting that traffic at as high a percentage as possible.

Regardless of what type of business you have, you are most certainly selling a product or service to a certain person or entity. The ultimate goal is to increase your revenue stream.

Your website is your BEST salesperson. I see many web sites on a daily basis that are missing certain simple concepts and ideas. Most web site design companies are not marketing specialists. They can make things look pretty, but being pretty alone can cost you money each day these changes are not corrected.

Everything costs money. Phones cost money, phone bills cost money, hiring & training sales people cost money, and a high turnover rate to find a good sales person costs money. A typical salesperson is limited to how much work they can do in a specific day, especially when you take into consideration lunch, coffee breaks, bathroom breaks, and just wasted time. However, your website – takes no breaks. It is never late. It doesn’t clock out after 40 hours in a week. It doesn’t call in sick, it doesn’t leave early – and it’s not off on national holidays.

Now people take time to train their salespeople, recruit and educate. Well, let’s educate your website a little bit, because remember – computers don’t make mistakes, people do. Your website will only do what you’ve instructed it to. Ask yourself the questions below, and you’ll quickly realize that you could be making more money for your business, and chances are a lot more.

How Much Traffic Does My Website Get?

Most site owners don’t know. Many people do not know that Google has a free tracking system called Google Analytics. This can be your best friend and can let you know very quickly that your currently designed website is not performing at its full potential. Knowing if your visitors are coming from search engine traffic, referral sites, or branded search, tracking all your visitors is important. It’s important to make sure your site is optimized, and also to make sure you have a proper link acquisition program in place. If not, find a professional SEO company that you feel comfortable in working with. You can ask me, I know of a good one!

What Are My Visitors Doing When They Visit My Site?

Call to action messages are designed to obtain a response from your website visitor. Items such as ‘Get A Quote’ or ‘Buy Now’ should be placed in certain key spots on a very large portion of your site. People don’t always buy the first time they visit your site, so you should be collecting email addresses to communicate with them down the road. You want them to remember your site from their first visit. Your bounce rate is just as important as well, it refers to people coming to your site and then immediately leaving.

Are You Currently Tracking ALL Your Website Marketing Efforts?

What percentage of your current traffic is from organic search engine visits? Are you using Google Ads or a similar PPC campaign? Do you know the effectiveness of each individual keyword? Maybe you’re spending $2,000/Month on PPC, but you could be spending $1,200 to accomplish the same results. You could spend the other $800 on SEO which can have a much higher conversion rate. Do you use a/b testing pages to test and make decisions to maximize your traffic conversions?

If you are not doing these correctly, it’s best you contact an Internet Marketing Specialist that knows what he is doing. Personally, I am very active with all my clients whether it’s a mom and pop pizza shop, or company that is doing millions of dollars in revenue per quarter. The reason I do this is because I have experience in marketing and sales, as I do both on a daily basis. I know by experience that the more active I am with an account, the more successful I can help them to become. I tell people I work with that I partner with them in success for the future. What has your web designer told you lately? Do they have case studies? Do they help you to track your ROI (Return On Investment)? Henry Ford once said ‘I’d rather make 1% off the efforts of 100 people, than 100% off the efforts of 1 great person’. Your website can offer you unlimited potential, if you use it correctly.

Use the comments section below to tell us how you are using your website as a salesman or just ask us questions about what you can do to improve the ability of your website to be a great salesperson!

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