Active Web Group is located in Hauppauge, NY, which happens to be the second largest Industrial Park in the United States. Most businesses in this area are companies that manufacture something that gets used in a larger product. Also, companies that make metal pieces for this or that, perhaps they make cables, or metal stamping pieces, or maybe they manufacturer a product that they resell. At the end of the day, all these companies, who have many different products, need to get the name of their company and their product catalog out there.

Let’s say if you work for a company that manufacturers a machine used in a specialty shop, and you need to find a supplier of washers, or bearings in this case. You may go the ordinary old fashioned way and search something such as a manufacturers directory. ThomasNet. is one which lists tens of thousands of different suppliers, and you will definitely find what you are looking for. However, if you are the person trying to get your product found, you’re competing against so many other companies, it’s like the opposite of the old needle and a haystack saying.

It’s so very important that people understand the company that just wants to list their products on their website, who is in fact not necessarily selling them online, but more of an RFQ system or a Quoting Shopping Cart, which we do on a daily basis that it gets set up right. It’s important that you develop something that you own the software, not that you have to pay someone annually to use a template that they made that costs you 1,000’s of dollars annually.

Many people unfortunately sometimes are not necessarily aware of all the solutions that are available to them. There are Magento Quotation Cart2quote –plugins available that can be customized to fit any need. The look and feel of a custom designed website in comparison to being stuck in a solution template will perform so much better for your company by converting website traffic much better, and making your site be very search engine friendly from the initial setup and implementation.

There are many options out there to choose and research but here are a few important bullet points to remember.

  • You should be able to accomplish this for your business without having to pay an annual fee to use the software
  • You should make sure the company who will provide this to you is an Internet Marketing company who clearly understands that design, set up and getting found on the Internet is important
  • You should insist on a custom cart, that is modified to fit your needs, not the other way around
  • This should be hosted on YOUR hosting account, not theirs.
  • You shouldn’t have to sign an annual contract, if they are that good, then they should have nothing to hide.

For more information on product catalog development, call us at 1-800-978-3417 or Contact Active Web Group and let us help you!

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