Hiring a Web Development CompanyBefore you hire a digital agency to build your brand’s new website, it’s important to have an understanding of what you want and what your company needs. Also, what will all your needs and wants cost and can these be satisfied within your budget? Questions such as number of years in business and the pricing/payment structure are givens. To ensure optimal results, below we provide additional considerations so you’ll be better informed and make the best decisions for you and for your online business.

  1. Can/will your team be able to carry out my web design project entirely in-house?
    It is more desirable to have a design team that will produce your website entirely in-house. One team, one mission also equals greater accountability. Outsourcing has a deservedly bad reputation, especially for meeting often critical project timelines. It is always better to select an agency with a seasoned team of professionals in varied disciplines. Its members will be used to working together towards a common goal: the successful completion of your new website, on time and on budget.

  2. Will Search Engine Optimization (SEO) be considered in the design?
    Your new business website can offer great visual appeal, but if no one can find it, you may soon be out of business. In addition, once your site attracts traffic, will visitors find it easy to navigate and to quickly locate the products/information they’re seeking? Does your webpage content provide information that site visitors will find useful? If not, they’ll leave your site, and likely visit a competitor’s. Aspects of SEO will enable the demographic your business requires to locate and visit your site. Proven SEO initiatives will influence the site navigation design to facilitate the sales funnel, also to increase conversions and ROI.

  3. How much control will I have over my own project?
    Beware of web development companies that disappear after the ink dries on your contract and reappear only when they have uploaded your new website. Active Web Group, a leading digital agency, includes our clients in every phase of their website’s development. We collaborate with our clients to produce their online business presence that will assist them to achieve their individual goals. Every phase is reviewed and approved before the next begins. There are no surprises, and clients have a stake hold in the positive outcome, a website that represents their enterprise well, and well into the future.

  4. What is a Mobile-Friendly site and why do I need it?
    Google’s recent Mobile Friendly mandate impacts sites that do not make it easy for persons using cell phones and tablets to access and navigate their sites. Although, it is just common sense to have a website that embraces all potential customers/clients, especially those accessing the ‘net. Did you know? The majority of internet users access the net via mobile devices. Think of the prospects you’ll lose if you do not have a mobile-friendly or responsive website!

  5. Will I be able to make changes on my site in-house?
    Most websites, especially eCommerce sites, may require frequent updates to their product or promotional pages. Also, every website will need to be updated to some degree every three or four years. Be sure to ask about a scalable site, as well as whether a custom or template site will work best for your business and your budget. If you’ll need to make changes on the fly to swap out photos, change text or product/service descriptions, then a site with a Content Management System (CMS) is a sound choice for you. Most systems are easy to learn and easier to use, and reduce or eliminate the need for updates by third party vendors.

Consult The Experts

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