Lennon and McCartney. Holmes and Watson. Batman and Robin. History (and the movies) proves that Dynamic Duos can accomplish wondrous things. When each half brings their talents to the table it can be downright epic. But whether for songwriting, mystery solving, fighting evil or even creating websites, even the best Duos experience bumps in the road.

Dynamic duoFor websites in particular, these bumps can occur between Designers and Developers. So how does one make the site construction process more seamless and productive? For jaw dropping results, consider the following tips before assembling a website.

1. Start the Project Together

Consider the Designer the Architect who first has to create a look. Then the Developer takes that template and is tasked with getting the gears moving on the website. Designers should bring Developers in on the initial meeting, not when the look is already determined. You don’t want to slow things down because appearance and functionality do not mesh.

2. Know Your Goals

What will the website primarily be used for? eCommerce? Memberships? Both? Creating a website using the process of elimination will waste everyone’s time and money. Clearly and concisely layout your goals from the start and come up with a blueprint — not a vague description — of what the site will accomplish. Once the goals are firmly established set up a roadmap on how to get there.

3. Hold Regular Meetings

When dealing with a full scale website based project, it’s incredibly important for Designers, Developers and all else involved (i.e., Marketing, Content, Management, etc.) to hash out integral items like project budget, scope, timelines, terms and of course, ideas! Keep meeting periodically so all team members are on the same page and the project keeps moving in the right direction – and within budget.

4. Determine Capability

Thoughts and opinions will undoubtedly flow, maybe even clash. The Designer will have creative ideas about color schemes, placement and more. This is prime opportunity for the Developer to explain what will and won’t work in terms of the construction of the website and its overall goals. Together, you’re marrying looks, structure, and function (all important), so Designer and Developer Duos should be open minded and encouraging.

5. Keep Communicating

One meeting is not enough. Meet during the process and post website launch, as any number of glitches can occur. Avoid working on the fly without keeping everyone in the loop – the Dynamic Duo will lose steam. Instead of moving forward, they’ll be putting out fires and doing things three times over.

How do we know this formula for Dynamic Website Designers and Developers works? We utilize it here at Active Web Group within our own team. Let the Design and Development professionals at AWG update or revamp your website to gain traffic and boost sales. We can even make it responsive and mobile friendly if you choose. Call us at 1-800-978-3417 or fill out our form today.